Hermana Smoot

Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Monday, September 28, 2015

Week # 61 (Sept. 28, 2015) More tender mercies. They just never end! )


Hello everyone. I feel like time is just slipping between my hands i don´t know what to do about it. BUT for the time being, as always, on with the work.  (First part of February will come soon)

This week we worked mainly with Marianela (ok, so embarassing, we found out her name is marianel and not maria elena. She just thought we were "gringas" and couldn´t say it right. Ug. que vergüenza) But She is doing well. She has had SO much happen to her in her life and i think doesnt really understand the healing power of the atonement. She just feels so much pain in her heart. She knows that he book of mormon is true and that this is the truth, but baptism is just so important to her that she doesn´t feel prepared. We are praying and studying hard that she can find her answers and faith in the book of mormon and make her decision. She is serisouly so specail though. I honestly do not feel worthy to teach her. She is one of the most humble, loving people i know and I know that this gospel will help her so much to heal and leave her past behind. Pray for her.

We also worked a lot with P who is a reactivating less active who has a secret plot to get her husbad baptized. haha. She just got married and her husband isnt...the best...human ever. He´s probably really great but he just doesn´t want anything to do with us, or the gospel and drinks and smokes...a lot. But P is the kindest human and she just wants to set the example and start reading and going to church and show him the happiness that gospel brings. We are praying that his heart will be touched at some point.

The COOLEST part of the week was yesterday. I SAW THE SANTANA FAMILY. The family that is amazing and got baptized in Pto Montt. The dad, Marcelo is from here and we were talking to someone the street and their white truck came up and slowed down. And then i was like, "why do i know that truck" and then i saw Hno M
arcelo and i flipped out and Hermana Karina gets out of the car and I screamed and ran up to her we hugged. (meanwhile my companion and this contact were like, What is going on?) but we got out and they told me they were doing great and Hno Marcelo has the Melquesidic preisthood (how do you spell that in english) And hna Karina had her BABY five days after my birthday and is about to recieve her first calling in the primary. The joy in my heart can literally not be described. It was such a miracle that my heavenly father gave me in a time when i really needed to be reminded why I´m here and what i´m doing. :)
I love this gospel so much. I know sometimes it´s not easy. But as they say " the best things in life are never the easeist. I know that this church is true and that God loves us in a way that is indescribable. Reach out to him, becuase is "hands are outstretched still." no matter what. 
Have the most beautiful week :)

Hermana Smoot

I´ll try to send pictures next week. This USB port is broken. (It´s always when i make an extra effort to take them too. Boo. ) haha

Zone PHOTO from a few weeks ago

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