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Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Monday, October 5, 2015

Week # 62 ( Oct. 5, 2015) Forever is composed of Nows


Wow, this week was just so great. Even though I got a slight case of bronchitis and the nurse told me to stay inside for a few days, we still saw so many miracles. :) 
First of all Marianela got a HUGE answer she was looking for. She, like i said, is just very damaged from what has happened in her life, with divorce and custody battles, unemployment and depression. But a couple weeks ago my incredible companion just promised her boldy through the spirit at the end of one of the lessons that if she put an honest effort to pray and read the Book fo Mormon, she would get her answer. She hadn´t been reading for a while, but finally took it seriously and read. A TON. My comp went on a companion exchange to visit her and she said that she had read and her whole book was marked. She had been praying and turned to Moroni 7 that talks about Charity. And she just felt the overwhelming impression that she needed to forgive her spouse. It was incredible. The book of mormon has SO MUCH POWER: i love it so much. She just needs to keep fighting in her battle to quit smoking and everything should be ok :) Keep her in your prayers.

Ok, general conference was probably the most powerful I had ever seen. I started crying and at the end, I was just filled with the gratitude of the gospel and the gift of the Holy Ghost and how strong I can feel it. And then i couldn´t STOP crying because i realized that this spiritually elevated time is slowly closing. And that was my last conference here. BUT I recieved every answer that i needed to here. One that really hit me was Elder Uchtdorf´s parable from the general woman session. And his talk at the beginning of saturday session. He just talked a about enjoying life right now. And that the gospel is joyful. Missionary work is joyful. And if we aren´t enjoying it, we need to look at it in a different perspective. And keep moving forward day by day, basking in the love of christ and living every moment well. He quoted my little miracle journal that i have that "Forever is composed of Nows" NOW is the time to be happy. It won´t just magically change when things are different. If we aren´t happy now, we won´t be later. The gospel is a gospel of Joy. We are to ENJOY to the end. :) I really know that christ lives and is our savior and redeemer. And I still have a big chunk of time to Proclaim that good news to the world. And hopefully, as all of us should, throughout the rest of my life. 
I love you all so much and appreciate all the little things that you say and send me.:) I hop that this week is full of joy.

Les quiero MUCHO!

Hermana Smoot

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