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Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Week # 57 (Aug. 31, 2015) Life in a wooden box 2

Well this week was....fun.
As I failed to mention last week, my leg that was bitten by a dog got infected and the doctor told me that i had to rest for 7 days. Then the doctors said yesterday that it was still bad and gave me another few days....so my week has been life in a little wooden box without ANYTHING to do. Many of you will recieve letters soon though.....
But apart from going a little crazy, and eating my weight every day (am i eating becuase i'm bored? -grinch. yes)  I actually have learned a ton. Without much to do, I was given a lot of time for self reflection and study of the scriptures that i would like to share. :)

First of all I was able to finish the book of mormon and was able to pray about it and I love it so much. The book of mormon is the most powerful book in the world. I feel the love of our heavenly father so much as I read. I invite all of you to read in your moments of distress or if your testimony is lacking. A big dose does wonders.

All week i was praying to know what i could learn from this experience and I'm not sure if i figured it all out, but I do know that from every single thing we go through, heavenly father allows us to learn. There is an article in the liahona about a girl who, with three months left in her mission was sick in bed. And learned a great lesson of patience. She said that she realized that even though she wanted to teach so bad, what the servant learns is just as important as the task at hand. It's hard for me to understand sometimes why things happen when it seems like it won't help his children, but he has plans that are a lot bigger than my plans. HIs will is so hard to accept sometimes. But I know that the frustration that I have felt and the revelation I have recieved will help me for the rest of my mission. I need to remember that the One that calmed the storm was also the One that makes it. And all of it will eventually be for our learning and our good. 

I really love all of you so much. I'm grateful for this oportunity to serve the Lord. Im grateful for my companion who is such and incredible example to me of putting her whole heart in everything. And Im grateful for my MOTHER today who turns thirty-forever (as they say here) who has led and helped me in everything that i do. Mom, you are one of the greatest examples ever. Thank you for your endless service and love. KEEP GOING and loving. 

Sorry this was slightly scatterbrained. I'm excited to leave this week and find all those chosen and prepared people. PRAY that we can find them. :) 

Much much love,

Hermana Smoot

Our sister training leaders brought us,"the other side of heaven" and my COMP totally was in charge for a couple hours during splits. ANd sshe did wonderfully.

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