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Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week # 58 (Sept. 7, 2015) early transfer

It was super sunny this week and we were definitely happy about it. :)
We found a street that we had never been on. Turns out there weren´t any houses...but there was a gorgeous view. :)

Dear Family, 

So I´d like to start out with the fact that I´m ok, and my dog bite is pretty much better. I have one more doctor´s appointment. But I am walking and normal now. Thank you for all the prayers!

ALSO, our zone leaders just called us and I¨M GOING BACK TO PUERTO MONTT. It´s actually Pto. Varas, but in that zone. I´m literally on the verge of tears right now becuase transfers aren´t for another 2 weeks and I can´t finish being a trainer, and I have to pack and leave today. Which means I won´t be able to say goodbye to anyone or do anything. Basically crying and trying to just swallow and take a leap of faith forward. 

This week was awesome though. We don´t really have many investigators thanks to my small medical problems, but we´ve both been trying really hard to just follow the spirit and talk to every possible person we can. It´s so funny because even as a missionary for more than a year and as a really social person in general, it is so hard to talk to everyone about the gospel. But as i just try to remember how much everone needs this gospel and the reason behind all goals and rules, it helps me a lot to just DO. :)

We had one of the coolest lessons of my mission yesterday and I don´t have the capacity to give all the details, but it was amazing. We taught Veronica, who said the first time we talked to her that she was athiest and was probably never going to change her mind. But after a few attempts she let us in her house and we had only taught her a few times since then with a lot of talking and only a little scripture thought. So i was kind of feeling like it wasn´t worth our time and she wasn´t going to progress, but we had a really good feeling about her. So we went yesterday and were able to start with a song and a prayer and we taught her the basics of the plan of salvation with our little picture drawings. And she just kept saying, well i think differently. And then she started saying that she didn´t know what she thought. And kept just saying, "I don´t know....I don´t know" At one point it got really quiet and she was just looking at the picture of Christ in gethsemene that we put out. She then just said quietly, "It´s just not that easy to change. You just cant" and she started crying and crying. And i grabbed her hand and we bore our testimonies of christ and the atonement. And that change is possible. That there is a god and he loves her more than we can begin to understand. We started tearing up as well and just bore powerful testimony. The spirit was seriously so strong. She promised after that, that she would pray, for the first time in years and years. And then to end, we forgot our book of mormon so Hermana Kogianes gave hers to Veronica to read Enos. The whole thing was just so powerful. Pray that she can feel something when she prays and reads. Even if she doesn´t become a convert and just starts believing in god, it will be such a miracle. 
God is so present in our lives. Although he rairly gives us what we want, nor when we want it. I kept silently complaining why we couldn´t find some incredibly prepared family or why people didn´t want to listen. But like with Maria Elena and our lesson with Veronica, there are so many ways that her works through us to bless his children. His ways are MUCH higher than our ways. We just have to trust him and accept his will.
I´m going to try to take my own adivice this week as a get my new companion and sector and start finding. I love you all so much. And god loves you even more. The atonement is real and changes us everyday as we accept it and keep becoming better. Have a beautifully spiritual week.

Hermana Smoot 
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