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Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Week #4 (August 27, 2014)

A few sisters in our district-They are the greatest!!!


This week was quite eventful! I feel like a learn so much every day and it's hard to even remember what has been the most meaningful. But I do love this work.

As I mentioned last week Hna. Wadsworth and I are the STL. And we had a bit of a struggle with two girls who came here a few weeks after us. They weren't talking to each other and both felt threatened and miserable. We found out actually at the end of last P-Day that one of them was on the verge of going home. So taking the advice of one of the instructors, we had a companionship inventory/counseling session with them. We were really nervous, especially since we would feel slightly responsible if either of them went home.  But we prayed really hard and sat down and had a really good talk with him. I know we were totally led by the spirit and the lord really had us say what they needed to hear. So good news! They aren't going home and they are doing so much better. It was a really nice lesson on trusting in the lord for me, and I know that when I feel inadequate, I can remember that the lord qualifies whom he calls. :)

 We had TRC this week which is where volunteers from the city volunteer to come help the missionaries. Some are members but a lot of them aren't and we get the opportunity to teach them. So first of all, Scary. But also, so cool. The first lesson we taught was over skype. It was a little difficult because we didn't know anything about her except she was less active and we only had about ten minutes. Plus when you can barely understand the language, and then the connection is bad....it was no bueno. But we just shared a spiritual thought and prayed with her. So I hope it helped. The second one we taught was with an older couple who were members pretending to be less actives. It was actually a really great lesson. We got to know then for a while and then taught about the book of mormon and Christ. I really felt the spirit as I bore my testimony of the atonement to them. I think I'm going to miss not being able to do that as often when I'm home. It's amazing. The whole experience made me really nervous, but way more excited for the field and all the people with whom I'm going to interact. Uh. Amazing.

Funny story of the week: We were teaching a lesson to our instructor and she had read the first part of Nephi and was wondering why Nephi had to kill laban when he was so obedient. I didn't know the word for kill/murder though and neither did my companion. And we didn't have our english scriptures with us. So we thought she was talking about laman and lemual and how nephi was getting angry with them/chastising them for their disobedience. So I try to explain how sometimes our parents chastise us and send us to our rooms so we can learn a lesson, which couldn't even explain that fully in spanish. And when I said "your parents" she looked so surprised and just said, "mi padres!!?" So I basically told her something along the lines of parents murdering their children. So that was a good time. Oh the adventures of another language.

Overall, I've had a lot better lessons this week. i'm figuring out the equation of a lesson and trying to follow it: A lot of planning+prayer+applying principles to their lives+following the spirit=beuno leccion! Most times if we follow that, we are able to be so much more effective and actually follow the spirit. But only when we plan and really study to find the investigators needs through the spirit. I feel like I knew it before, but now that I'm actually doing it, I'm beginning to have a much better understanding. The spirit is so key in everything a missionary does. That is something else that is so amazing about a mission. I see gods hand so much more every day because I have to have it every day. It's amazing how many times I have to be reminded that I'm not doing this by myself. I'll be sitting and thinking about how I can't do any of this and I feel really overwhelmed....and then I remember how much the spirit is in charge and how I'm not doing any of this by myself. And I'll be ok. This work is amazing and I'm so happy I get to be here doing this!! It's hard, but so worth it!

Much Love,
Hermana Smoot

 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE. I was literally giddy when I got those veggies. I started singing and dancing for the rest of the afternoon. (sorry companion) It was the best. We get a lot of fresh fruit in the cafeteria, but not a lot of fresh veggies. so THANK YOU. I literally good have eater 12 lbs. of those cucumbers. yum.

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I'm sending a letter in the mail so it should come in about 10ish days. Sorry it's so late. :)

VEGGIES! Best day ever! 
a few district sisters

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Pictures (Aug 20th)

Mexico City Temple

Sister Smoot and Sister Wadsworth

Got the package! Thanks again!

My district! They are super fun and funny!

There was a little mexican tienda with cool mormon mexican stuff and I got an adorble embroidered shirt. All the sisters have them :) 

Stark difference of old walls and trash with gorgeous flowers-

Friday, August 22, 2014

Week #3 (August 20, 2014) Halfway at the CCM!

Hola Familia!!

Guess what? Today officially marks my three week mark! Woot. So exciting. The days are goin by much faster and I'm beginnin ot really fall in love with the CCM. It's really such an incredible opportunity to be learning 100% of the time while being away from all distractions. I will definitely be sad when it ends. But also ridiculously excited to take all that I have learned and share it with everyone!

Even though some days are hard, there are so many tender mercies that the lord gives me every day. Laughter is defintiely one of them. We have some really funny Elders in our district and a really funny roommate and a really good laugh can seriously make my day one million times brighter. Also, laughing at all of the ridicolous mistakes we make all the time really helps. :)

Spanish is getting much better and there are days when I feel really good...until I talk to a latino and i realize I have absolutely no idea what they said to me. So that's fun. Just one more slice of hyumble pie for the missionary. De. Lish. A lot of times in the past few weeks when I got frustrated while teaching a lesson, I would wish, 'if only i could speak english, this would be infinitely easier.' But I got some nice insight on turning that negativity around. Sunday night is movie night, and we were able to watch the Joseph smith restoration video.(BEST) But there is a part where Emma asks joseph, 'Do you ever think that god asks too much?"and He says, "I do not let myself." I decided I wouldn't let myslef think that way whenever I wish this experience would be easier. I am so grateful for all of the things I am learning and the incredible things that I will gain through this experience, even during the hard times. 

On sunday Hna. Wadsworth and I were called as the sister training leaders for our Zone. The sisters before us said it was not going to be very difficult, basically just a glorified visiting teacher, making sure all the girls were loved and whatnot. So we were not expecting much. But two new girls came in this week and we found out it wasn't all that easy. :) Basically the two completely clash and I'm not sure they understand completely how much you have to compromise in a companionship. Which is understandable...it's hard and they have only been here for less than a week. But we've had to offer a lot of help and have been a little bit of a middle man. And it's hard to find out what is really best for them. But I know that we have to be guided by the spirit just as in any leadership position. And even with all the drama, it has given Hna. W and I lots of blessings. We have become so much closer together and the  whole experience made us WAY closer together and  made us appreciate each others'totally-avoid-conflict-easy-going personalitys way more. So it's really a blessing in disguise. 

Our lessons are going much better. 2 Imparticular stood out this week. One, was a mock 5 minute lesson with another Elder, but it felt so amazing. I felt like was really helping, that I could say what I needed to say in spanish and that I was doing it right. Another lovely tender mercy. :) The other was with our teacher/investigator (the one who was jumped...also, we found out he wasn't actually stabbed, just punched and his glasses cut/got into his eye. But still) He is the most amazing human ever. So humble, helpful and FULL of the spirit. His investigator profile is actually his brother who has a LOT of problems in his life and the several sets of missionaries he has had before, were not helpful becuase he could never feel the spirit. So during our lesson we  were really focusing on faith and prayer and how you feel the spirit. But after we were pretty much done and had used all of the best scriptures, he still asked, "but how?" We sat there in silence for a moment not sure what to do, all the while I was  silently praying to be led by the spirit. And then a thought popped into my head to pray with him. So we asked him to say a prayer with us. Right then and there and wait for a few moments after and TRY to feel something. So we did and  after we got up he said he felt something. It was different that what everyone described, but it was something. It was just amazing to be able to act on the promptings of the spirit so quickly and to have a lesson that felt so real. It made me feel so good about my spanish and teaching. Amazing.

Thank you so much for all the support and love. We got to go to the mexico city temple visitor center (pictures to follow) which was absolutely wonderful. Also, I got to see mexico.....crazy stuff... But we watched that eternal families video which, aside from making me really homesick, make me realize how grateful I am for all of you and how amazing my family is. I love you so much and I'm so grateful for all of your influence in my life. This is the true church, the gospel really does bless families and the Savior lives!! Have a beautiful week!

Hermana Smoot

Monday, August 18, 2014

Pictures of me at the Mexico CCM


  I shared it with my district and they love you mom and dad. :) 



More beauty. The other side. *not the B mountain.

Some elders in our district that like selfies. This is horrible.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Week # 2 (Aug.13, 2014) Prayers, Plagues...and Mexico City

Querido Familia,

Once upon a time/this week in the CCM everyone got the plague/the stomach flu. So. Fun. Right? This friday I started feeling really sick and really nauseous and that night I puked a lot and had the runs. The next day we went to our little infirmary and I got permission to stay home and sleep. So that day was SUPER productive. Saturday night I felt much better and we decided to go to our night  class. But when we went, we found out that our district leader had strep and our teacher got in an accident. Apparently accident down't mean in a car for el mexicanos, though. We just came to find out that he was robbed and mugged and stabbed in the face. So, welcome to Mexico City everyone. He is actually doing fine and should be back in a few days. But I am still grateful for the massive concrete and barbed-wire wall that surrounds the CCM.

Anyway, less exciting/scary things. Spanish is still hard, and I still have the same frustrations with teaching, but we are trying and it's coming. With all the spanish, I do appreciate english so much more and I just want to read good literature and poetry all the time. Isaiah for the win. :) 
We study Spanish in the morning and then have BOM study right after and reading it in english seriously feels like a big cold glass of water after fast sunday. Which is wonderful because I appreciate the BoM so much more. 

Apart from the Spanish induced stress, I am learning loads about the gospel and it's amazing how many spiritual experiences I have in a day. I feel the spirit so much easier and so much more frequently as a missionary. It's wonderful to go to a fireside and even if the speaker doesn't know english and is reading his written-out talk, you still feel the incredible power of god in the room. Also, as a side note, I am ridiculously excited fro conference. Like, more than christmas. Like, more than our friend from "Christmas Story" wants a red-rider BB gun. SO. EXCITED

We studied 3 Nephi 11 this week and although my pages are colorful and worn from stdyings it's contents, it was a beautiful reminder of how much love Christ has for us. I've never felt His love and the comfort that he knows all of my pain, doubt and discouragement more than I do now. Those reminders are ALWAYS needed. Never think that you've had one to many lessons on faith! :) Also, the last verse of that chapter says something along the lines of "preach my gospel to the ends of the earth." My comp and I had a nice laugh about that because Osorno is LITERALLY at the end of the earth. Good time. 

As a last thought, we watched a devotional on Sunday that Bednar gave on Christmas a while ago at the Provo MTC about the Character of Christ. It absolutely changed my life. I don't know if you can find it, but watch it or read it ASAP. It was about our conversion in becoming like Christ and turning outward when we want to turn in and think about yourself. I have never felt so empowered to change.

I challenge all of you to learn something new about the gospel this week. Read your book of mormon a little longer with a little more yearning for understanding. This gospel of jesus christ is wonderful and we can learn so much. I love you all so much. Thank you for your support as I embark on this journey. I know this church is true and that our savior understands us and wants to help us. He is ALWAYS there. No matter what. Remember him, because he is always mindful of you. Have a beautiful week!!

Much love,

Hermana Smoot


Um...so jealous of fiddler on the roof. I miss musicals so much. I know it's been two weeks. Calm down.

Megan is a beautiful dancer and also thank you for the video and all the pictures. SEND MORE. it's so fun for me.

THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!! oh my goodness it was wonderful. Made my life. It got here on tuesday so I'm pretty sure it's fast. Feel free to send more of that. I doubt there is, but if there is anything healthy on that website....go for it. The food is good here but not necessarily good for you. My comp does make fun of me for eating a salad and fruit at every single meal though. I really just want your grilled chicken and brown rice mom. and green smoothies.

Dear elder is really fun to get. Although, I believe it comes once a week. But I love it. So feel free to do that. :) Thank you BECKY and G-PA THOMAS for sending me one. It totally made my day. And it was so sweet and thoughtful of you. *pass that on would ya?

I love you all!!!! You guys are the best. xoxo. 
ALso, don't worry about sending long emails or anything. We take pictures of them and then read them at home so we don't take up our hour. :)

WEEK ONE! (August 6, 2014)

Place: Mexico City CCM
Comp: Hermana Wadsworth form Lehi


(Fam-Thank you so much for all the kind words! You are all wonderful. It sounds like life is great and summer-y and beautiful. I LOVED megan´s pictures. It was beautiful. I would love to see just a few pictures a week of everyone and what you guys did. It's so fun for me. And the computers download really quickly so no worries about that.)
This week has been crazy long. An Elder in my district keeps joking that this pas YEAR at the CCM has felt so long. But days are quickening up and the work is progressing and it's wonderful. The first few days were completely sureal for me. I kept having to remind myself that I was actually on a mission and won't be back for 18 months. It almost felt like EFY. But way harder. And in spanish. 

The CCM is muy bonita and I have a wonderful companion. She is really easy going and loves to laugh. But at the same time she is the oldest child and has a great responsible and hard working attitude. Her name is Hma. Wadsworth and is actually from Lehi. We know some of the same people from back home. It's pretty great.

Like I said, the days felt really long at the beginning. And becuase of that I felt like my spanish was absolutely HORRIBLE. I had to keep reminding myself that I started learning only a few days previous. On friday *2 DAYS AFTER I GOT HERE we taught a lesson in spanish. SPANISH. LESSON. HALF HOUR. Remember that time when I took french in highschool. ya. fun times. But we did at and mainly ready from a script the whole time. That's actually one of my biggest frustrations here. During our lessons, I know what I want to say to help this person and I want to ask him questions, get to know him and really teach them, but I can't. Because I can't understand anything they are saying. It's like every mission prep technique I learned goes down the toilet becuase of the langauge. And then the spirit isn't present and its no bueno. But it's ok. Esta bien. I've actually been doing really good with the emotions. I only had one very minor breakdown whilst planning a lesson a few days ago, because of spanish, but with a sincere prayer and encouragement from my companion, all was well. The power of prayer is real, people. Use it always.

Aside from the craziness of learning a new language, it's amazing how much i already understand. I can totally bear my testimony and pray in spanish.*with very limited phrases. woot! I've had to change my attitude about studying though. In college and highschool, I did enough to get good grades, but know it's like the blessings of our success in on the line. I learned a lot from Ashley on that one. Obedience really does bring blessings. We actually had a wondrful devotional about obedience and how we keep the commandment becuase we love christ. Not for any other reasons. (If ye love me, keep my commandments) It was a bonita lesson and I felt the power. He also told us to NEVER WASTE ANY TIME. Being here makes me understand that so much more. Although it's been long, I can understand how quickly this experience is going to fly by. And I want to make the most of it. :) 

I am so eternally grateful for the opportunity I have to be here. I say it every night in my journal. Thank you so much for all of your support while I'm out here. I truly am blessed. This is the true gospel and the atonement is real. I'm so grateful that I can repent every day and try a littler harder to be a little better. It really is a blessing. I love you all and hope you have the best week ever!

Buenas Días!!

Hermana Smoot

If you want to send me letters, do it through dear elder. Since I am here for six weeks, that would be cool to take advantage of but I have to wait until P-day. on Wednesday to receive it. 

Also, you can totally send packages to the CCM. I'm not sure how the post is but there is a local company that you can go through (kinda like the philippines one?) Just go to www.missionarypackagemx.com If you want to. It's not a big deal. Whatever it would just make my life. :) Haha. No, but just to let you know. 

 ON the Bus with a sister that I met on the plane!

All of the sisters that were on the plane with us and the bus that shuttled us to the CCM
It rained SUPER hard the first night we were there. This is before it really hit, but all the leaders were saying it was the biggest storm they had seen there.

 Our casa is bonita! this is when we were upacking. My bed is the one with the nasty orange blanket. Like a grandma couch- woot.