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Monday, August 24, 2015

Week # 56 (Aug. 24, 2015) tender story about Tithing and more

Hello family :)

I'm glad to see that Ashley and Derek's wedding went gorgeously. So cool that all the brothers and sisters from both sides were there. I loved everything (thank you grandma thomas for all the pictures!) It actually hasn´t sunk in yet that it all happened but it't ok. :) 

This week we actually saw tons of miracles, however small they were. We are working with Maria Elena (I sent a picture of her a while back) who is a single mom who quit her job to come to church on sunday. She is a very spiritual person who has a childlike learning capablity and love for everyone. This week we started teaching her and I had the impression to ask her about her temple savings. We gave her a little jar to save coins for the yearly temple trip that the branch is doing in november. I was actually expecting her to have forgotten all about it becuase it{s been months. But she went out to grab it and she had this giant wet wips tup that was almost full of coins. I was in shock. We told her how awesome that was and that she should work to get her temple recomend. We told her she just had to be keeping the commandments and paying her tithing and she can go. But after that she said, "oh, and that's the most difficult one right? the tithing?" We started talking about all the benefits of tithing and the blessing promised and she just said that she really lacks faith. But as my companion shared her life experience with tithing and our testimonies, she finally commited to paying. And it was hard becuase obviously, she has nothing right now. And she just looked so distraught after saying that she would do it. But then we said a prayer and someone was knocking on the gate outside. So we went out and the branch president was there to drop off a whole bunch of groceries and diapers and clothes. We all just almost started crying it was so powerful. 
That night I was thinking about all of this and about the work here in san pablo And I was frustrated becuase everyone we had talked to that day didn't want anything to do with us and we couldnt set up any return appointments. And it{s rustrating sometimes when we do so much, yet day after day, we just don{t have as much success as we want with baptisms and crazy conversion stories. But as i think back, i don{t think a missionary ever has as much success as we want-becuase as Elder Holland says, salvation never was a cheap experience. But even with all the people who reject us, we are siing so many miracles. Maybe i want 10 amazing new progressing investigators and a million member present lessons, but heavenly father helped a less active feel the spirit and commit her to paying her tithings. Even though it{s difficult to believe somtimes all our efforts ar worth it. And heavenly father has so many miracles and tender mercies that he wants to poor over us, but we have to be willing to RECOGNIZE them. And FOCUS on those great things that are in our lives instead of fussing over the things that we aren't doing or aren't achieving. All of it is a process that heavnely father has preciously created for each and every one of us. 
I hope all of you search for those blessings and try to appreciate ever tender mercy the lord gives you. Becuase they are many.
I love you all and i'm so glad everything went so well. Have a wonderfully miraculous week. Love you Mr. and Mrs Thomson!!

Hermana Smoot

Johnny the dog has a hurt leg too and my comp was making fun of me. So i took a picture to remember it.
My comp found her frog prince
Chopping wood for Maria Elena. My super compy

We had a talent night. This is the president and his wife.
(we did the makeup skit thing where i was her arms and she was talking)

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