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Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Monday, August 24, 2015

Week # 50 (July 13, 2015) Despues los aflicciones vienen las bendiciones


How is everyone. You are all growing up so much and all look so lovely. I have such an attractive family. Sorry i didnt take any pictures this week. I feel bad. Next week i will send some. :)
This week was one of those 2 nephi 2 weeks. Where it talks about how there needs to be an opposite in everything and we need to have problems to feel joy? Well, asi fue. Thats how it was. At the beginning of the week on tuesday, im pretty sure that everything that could have gone wrong, did. Ronald and Luisa (hungry for the truth) called us and said that we couldn{t come see them becuase they  had company and when we tried to set up another appointment she said that she was going to be busy all week and that she would call US on monday. WHAT? We were so confused. No one says that unless that dont want to see us anymore. But we prayed really hard that she really was just busy. But then after that, we had to stay in the house and study becuase My comp is training. So after being couped up, stressed out and totally emotionally eating, we finally left the house. And it was SUPER rainy and windy and ALL of our other appts fell through and my umbrella broke AND my companion stepped on a thorn that went THROUGH HER BOOT. At that point we were actually laughing becuase it was just so ridiculous. The next day was equally as stressful but not quite ridiculous. But I just kept praying really hard. Becuase I know that when we go through hard things that means that really great things are going to come afterward. And I just kind of held on to that hope. And it was true. This weekend a ton of people let us into there houses and TWO menos activos that hardly ever go to chruch (one that hasn{t gone in years) cam to church and an investigator came and was really well recieved by the sisters in the ward. And my lovely compy gave her first talk in spanish and totally rocked it. But really, she made a sister cry. I don{t even know why i{m training her. I{m learing a lot more from her than she is from me. It{s just the spanish that i understand. She is going to change so many lives. 
But to top off the weekend, we had a super cool spiritual experience. We had about 40 minutes til we had to go back home. And we still hadnt heard from Ronald and Luisa. But there was another new investigator that accepted a baptismal date whose appt also fell through. So we wanted to visit both of them. And we decided to say a prayer to see where we should go. And after the prayer, we pondered for a minute and my companion said, "ok, on the count of three, say the name" and then on three, at the same time, we said, "RONALD Y LUISA." The spirit was obvious. And then we went to their house and they were home and told us they really had been busy all week long and said we could come on wednesday! It was the BEST. So please pray for them. Seriously, they have so much potential. 
In the end, god blesses us for our sacrifices. In every way. There is a scripture in D&C that says that the blessing come after the afflictions. And sometimes we cant see with our natural eyes what heavenly father is doing or why. But just know its all for a reason. And he loves us. And just wants us to be better, awesome, children of him. 

I LOVE YOU ALL so very much. And wish you all the very best week. ;) 

Hermana Smoot
 I really am so blessed to have you. Have a beautiful week.

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