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Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Monday, August 24, 2015

Week # 51 (July 20,2015)

IT RAINED SO MUCH on saturday. And a few of our appointmet fell through and i left my umbrella (my 4th here in chile.) at someones house....basically we were really really wet. Good times.
This is my sister training leader. SHe{s from kentucky! She was so surprised when she saw pigs in the street. Oh san pablo.

Hello family and lovely loved ones.
This week has been so full and so fast (welcome to the mission). We had companion exchanges, zone conference, more training and more preaching the gospel to this little farm town. I really feel blessed to have this experience.
SO....Ronald and Luisa asked us not to visit them for a while. Apperantly ronald doesn{t want to change and luisa feels like it was all too fast...plus some of her friends were making fun of her for listening to us. But she told us she did really have a hunger to find the truth and she is going to keep reading and praying and she will call us when she wants more. So we were kind of bummed, but we planting a dang good seed and I have faith that one day she will be able to satisfy her hunger with the restored truth of the gospel.
We have another lovely investigator Nicole that is a young mom who now has a baptismal date. She read and marked the restoration pamphlet and loved the part about families. And when we gave her the book of mormon she read and marked all of 3nephi 11 and had questions. SO COOL. When someone reads and feels the spirit from the book of mormon its literally like christmas morning as a missioanary. She is not married so we are trying to find a time to meet and teach her boyfriend who is living there. But pray that they can get baptized and have an eternal family!
We are also teaching another family that CAME TO CHURCH on sunday. That is so amazing. The two parents both came and like it. And we are really hoping they will progress. 
Its so crazy sometimes that the salvation of all of these souls is in our hands....ok, not really our hands, but as instruments we have the responsiblity to help these people make saving covenant with heavenly father. I am just trying has hard as i can to do what i should and help and love. My companion is doing super great and even though we have our stressful times, she is amazing. She always has so many ideas and she is helping me to be more obedient and to help ALL to come unto christ. 
THank you for all of your letters! I hope megan is well on the other side of the states and that the two love birds are planning for their wedding...1 month! And gosh, i just love you all so much. If you have a minute, I always appreciate letters. :)
Have the Best week ever. Really heavenly father loves eache of you so much. You all have the possiblity to progress so much becuase of the atonement of christ. We can literally change our character becuase of it. Let{s keep progressing and becoming better this week!
I love you all!
Hermana Smoot

so, i have a sad story that makes me....realy really sad...
i lost my camera last week. I left it in the ciber cafe thing where we write. And i{m really sad. I have some of my photos backed up and a whole bunch on my other giant camera but i think i{m going to have to search from all my comps (which gratefully most of them live in utah...so no worries.)
But, im debating bying anothing cheap camera. Im do use my big camera, but it{s just kind of difficult to use every day during prosyliting. Just let me know what you guys think. I can just use the big one.
I love you guys and i{m so grateful for all you do for me. serously i don{t deserve it. BUt ya. let me know. 

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