Hermana Smoot

Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Monday, August 24, 2015

Week # 55 ( Aug. 17, 2015) Once upon a time...Bit by Chilean Dogs!

On our way to church. With crutches...

Sorry if you didnt want to see this, but here was the cut after about 2 days

Once upon a time Herman Smoot and Hermana Kogianes were doing normal missionary work, on the way to help an investigator with an english assignment. They were chuckling and enjoying there time together when suddenly a dog came around the corner. Hermana smoot didn{t notice-there are always dogs in the street. It went around her companion and without her doing anything, the dog LUNGED from behind her and BIT her right behind her leg. She screamed really loud and tried to fight back, but lost her balance and fell back. People in their houses began to come out wondering what was happening. Her companion stayed calm and helped her but hernana Smoot was kind of freaking out becuase there was a lot of blood and well, A DOG BIT HER.
Yes, I recieved my first dog bite this week on tuesday, and hopefully my last. And before you freak out, Im fine. A nice family took me to the hospital and i recieved my first stitches. 7 of them actually. They gave me and anti rabies vaccination. The only thing was is that it was RIGHT behind my knee, so if I walked, the cut would open up. So guess who was given 5-7 days of REST as a missionary? So apart from the drama of tuesday, I have been in our house, DYING of boredom as my companion does everything for me. The ward has been so nice, helping us with everything. And the branch presidente and his mom (the only family with a car) has been taking us to the hospital and to church and everything that we have had to do. Even our mamita who makes us lunch has been walking to our house to give us luch. I feel way too babied and taken care of for a few stitches. Needless to say it{s been kind of a long week. And just really weird. 
I{ve been trying to pray and figure our why all of this is happening and I feel like it was kind of a slap in the face to forget myself and get to work. LIke, "you want a break, fine, Im going to give it to you!" But in a really loving way. But now I{m determined and super excited to JUST get to work and do everything that i possibly can to help the people here to come unto christ.
I know this church is true and that god loves us so much. And god expects a lot out of us sometimes becuase we are CAPABLE humans with the potential to become like him. SO amazing.}
Ashley, I hope everything goes well this week! KNow that i love all of you. 
(And mom, stop freaking out. Im fine :) 

Hermana Smoot

The branch president{s mom (the relief society president) They made tacos and invited us to watch "meet the mormons" because we were so bored. It was so nice of them. :) 

We made a LOT of projects with our time. So i made little plan of salvation drawings for my comp.

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