Hermana Smoot

Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Week # 49 (July 6, 2015) New Compy! Hna Kogianes

Companion: Hna Kogianes
Area: San Pablo

Hello lovelies. :)

 So this week was different, thrilling, exciting, hilarious, super stressful and really beautiful. I have a lovely new companion the Hermana KOGIANES. Ya, can´t even say it in english. Imagine the latinos. It´s pronounced ka-john-us. BUT she is from Salem but is in Diane and Marshal´s ward. Like she told me my cute little neice Whitney played piano at her fairwell. I was flipping out. She is super awesome. She loves everything about Chile (even the smell of smoke on your clothes) EXCEPT the cold. But she´s really good at making fire so our house is always super toasty now. She is an AMAZING missionary already and the spirit is so strong with her. She made a ton of sacrifices and a long journey to get on the mission and it´s been great learning from her. She is super responsible and is already way ahead of where i was at that point of the mission. Basically she is super awesome and will make an incredibly powerful missionary especially once she gets the language down. WHICH IS SO HARD. poor thing. She´s feeling all that frustration of not understanding anything. So i´m trying to love her and comfort her. So if you could add a few prayers in her direction, that would be lovely. :) 

This week has really been amazing because with more challenges and problems, comes more relying on the Lord. And then come more miracles and blessings. And we have seen that a lot. Ronald and Luisa are doing really well. We had a super great lesson of the first part of the Plan of salvation. And the were so excited about the fall and they had so many questions. They both had read and are progressing a ton. They said they would come to church and we sat by the door on sunday waiting and waiting.....and they didn´t come. UG SO FRUSTRATING. And another less active who we helped to quit working on sunday DIDN¨T come either. So i was all frustrated and taking deep breaths feeling like a bad missionary. And then Hna Kogianes went up and gave her testimony in Spanish and the spirit just flowed from her face. And it made me happy again. She was so content too, which was really fun to see. Basically to sum up this week, I have felt really lucky to be a missionary. Lucky to have problems and a few challenges. And i am SO excited for all the miracles we are going to see.
Please pray for Luisa and Ronald that they can continue feeling the spirit and make it to church. And for my compy and her spanish. 
I love you all so much. Thanks again for the emails and letters for my birthday. I feel so unworthy of all of this love. 

Have a wonderful week!

Mucho amor,
Hermana Smoot
Happy birthday. My district gave a me a two minute surprize birthday party and my and my comp had a dance party that night and we ate cake. :) It was a successful 20 years completed. 


I saw my old trainer! She went home to Argentina this week. I love Hna Figueredo!

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