Hermana Smoot

Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Monday, June 29, 2015

Week # 48 (June 29, 2015) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! IM TRAINING...

Hello folks!

Yes, you heard right, little sister smoot who still feels new is going to TRAIN. President Obeso called us at 10:59 (we go to bed at 11pm here) and you can imagine that both of our hearts dropped a little. Who gets a call from the mission president at that hour? But, it was to tell me that I´m going to train a lovely hermana from spanish fork, UT. (And i can´t remember her last name...) BUT, Holy cow. THat´s like  lot of responsiblity. But I know that it is really going to help me trust in the lord a LOT more and have that fresh new view of the mission. Basically i´m nervous, excited, and still praying. 

This week was lovely. I´ve really come to love San Pablo and my amazing companion Sister Meacham. We really wanted more time together. Good thing our homes are 10 minutes away back home! :) We´ve been able to see a lot of progress here as we really try to find the people that are going to progress.

We had a lesson with 2 investigators who we feel really have potential. Ronald and Luisa are a father and son and are really awesome. He was a reference from the other sisters in osorno and her mom didn´t really want anything to do with us the first time we talked, but she agreed to listen if we set it up with his son. And the first lesson she talked ant participated way more than her son. And the second lesson we had, they had both read the lessn 1 pamphlet COMPLETELY (including the optional additional study) and they both prayed. Luisa said to us that the ever since she talked to us wheels started turing in her head and now she has a hunger to find the truth. Her words. We were dying. They are in the process of finding their answer and we are hoping and praying that they can come to chruch. Please pray for them! To recieve their answer and come to church. We have found a few other people and we are just trying to have faith that someone really is prepared enough to make it. I know it can happen!

I love you all so much. The mission is so full of joy, pain, love, and fatigue, but i really do love it. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. They were lovely. Also, You can send me short videos if you want. :) They work.

ONWARD ever onward. Keep going keep praying. YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER LOVES YOU! :)

Hermana Smoot

Last tuesday we woke up to FROZEN. SO. COLD: Remember that it is super humid here.....I was wearing ALL of my clothes.

The spider webs froze too. 

The lovely hermana Meacham!

I was having a really bad day, and then i lost my planner. So we said a prayer and we walked FOREVER. But i found it in the street. God answers our prayers!!! 

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