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Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Monday, June 22, 2015

Week # 47 ( June 22, 2015) We found a pig in the street this morning #onlyinsanpab

Companion: Hna Meacham
Serving In: San Pablo, Chile


Hello World!

Where to begin. I love san pablo. It´s lovely here and I´m learning so much and I love my companion and I don´t want transfers to come! But that is what we do. 
This week went by really really fast. And we are continuing finding people and trying to find the chosen one (yes that´s a harry potter reference) There are so many people here that are so willing to listen and our ward is willing to help us, but it´s the real progress that is hard here. But we are trying really hard and I know that there will be results with faith. Sometimes when there aren´t a ton of high numbers you feel like you are doing something wrong, but I know that god works with imperfect people to get his work done. And i feel like i´m doing what i can without putting myself over the edge. So with diligence and faith, we are going to see miracles.

Speaking of miracles, Marcos wants to pay his tithing!
Marcos is the husband of Marion. She is an investigator that was a day away from her baptism (before i got here) and her aunt sent her a whole bunch of anti mormon stuff and now has a ton of doubts. But her husband is a less active member and so we are focusing ourselves in strenghtening him. We are taught them tithing the other day and before getting very far in the lesson, he asked us, ÿa but how do you do it. LIke the little paper thing? How do it fill it out? We didn´t have an envelope and form (forehead slap) but we told him we would show him on sunday. Then we had to stop by their hous the other day and without saying anything he aksed us when we were going to bring the envelepe and form. Then he reminded us like 3 times before we left. And we were flipping out. Who wants to pay tithing that much!? It was amazing. and we are hoping as he completes with everthing and goes on to get the priesthood he is going to be able to help his wife get  baptized.

I don´t have anymore time, but just know that i love the mission so much! I really am so grateful to be here and i know that this chruch is true with all my  heart and i´m where i should be. I LOVE YOU ALL!


Hermana Smoot
Ps MOM thank you sosososososos much for the packages. It got SO cold this week and my feet have been so cozy. And SPROUTS i was dying. YOu know me so well. i feel so spoiled. Thank you thank you thank you!!!
Also, Our english class that we teach every Saturday! It makes me want to be a teacher!

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