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Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Monday, June 22, 2015

Week # 44 (June 1, 2015) Time Flies. Tiempo Vuele

So, once upon a time, it´s JUNE. remember that time when I cam on the mission in JULY. And I´m kind of freaking out. Ya, we´re just not going to talk about it.

This week was lovely. I really really like it here a lot with Hermana Meacham. She is super fun and we are really enjoying every day and trying to be obedient and work hard every day. And we´ve been seeing miracles.

Elsa (yes, like frozen) Is a mom that with three kids that owns a french frie stand in front of her house. The other missionaries that were here met her (yes, buying papas fritas) and set up various appointments that all fell through. So we decided not to set up another. But we were going home one night and she saw us and asked us when we could come to visit her. So we set up a day and without very much faith went to her house on the appointed day. And she was actually home! So we started to teach her and get to know her. And we discussed and taught her the restoration. And after we asked her how she felt. She said that she felt really really good. And the she liked the way we taught and what we were saying and that it all made sense. She said, ¨I feel like god is sitting by my side right now¨ We explained to her that it was the spirit and then we felt prompted to invite her to be baptized. And she accepted! She doesn´t know if she´ll be read by july 11th but we are going to be here preparing her. We really feel like she was prepared and we are hoping to teach her spouse and whole family.

We have been seeing miracles every day and I really feel like god is blessing us. I love missionary work so much. It´s so incredible to be here and to have such a big responsibility to help all of god´s children come unto christ. I´m learning more and more every day. And hope that I can just keep progressing and learning. 

Lo Chistoso-The funny-
Funny story. Hermana Meacham and I were walking in the street one night eating apples and someone named alejandro was in our plans. And Hermana Meacham started to sing the Lady Gaga song with all those spanish names. And after about 2 lines she started choking on her apple and had a little cough attack. Then she said, Well, that´s what I get for singing gaga in the mission. We got a good laugh. :) 

I love you all so much. I really do. I´m jealous that you are all in Hawaii....
But Congrats meg for making it to graduation! I was thinking about you this week. And CONGRATS OFFICIALLY ENGAGED SISTER. So weird. I feel like just yesterday we were in middle school together. :) ON to bigger and better things.

I love you all, the church is true. We really all have so much to offer in the life. We´ve just gotta keep working and doing and BELIEVING that it´s all possible. 

MUCH love!

Hermana Smoot

I completed 10 months. And blew out a candle. I need to take more pictures... :)

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