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Monday, December 1, 2014

week # 18 (Dec. 1, 21014) Baptisms and Cambios!!

Hola familia!

I wish I had more time to write becuase this week was ridiculously full of work and miracles. But I´ll just focus on the most important.

I finished my training yesterday, and I know I still have SO MUCH to learn. There was a moment this week where I really didn´t know if I could do everything and lead our sector and be responsible for so many souls. But as I fell to my knees I told my heavenly father that I knew I was here for some reason. I have my own talents and heavenly father wants me here for some reasn. But I need help. Although I didn´t actually recieve that sudden peace and tranquility that everyone talks about, I did recieve an answer. Becuase at the end of that day, after I pushed myself out the door and worked hard, we had two new investigators and saw so many miracles. Becuase when we put our trust in him, he can trust us!

We had our baptism with Hermano Guillermo!! This whole experience with him has been a miracle. A full blown miracle. Now his whole family are members. His family has been investigating the church for a long time. His wife was baptized when she was really little and was inactive when the other sisters started visiting them. All three of their kids were baptized in the last year and the dad, who wanted absolutely nothing to do with the church, was baptized by his son (who is now going to serve a mission) yesterday. It was all very emotional and so utterly beautiful. I can´t describe the feeling of love and peace that I felt as he went under the water. He hugged his son after he came up and they were both weeping. We got to talk to them later that day and something was different in their home. And he is ready to perseverar hasta el fin. Endure to the end. He has such a strong testimony of the atonement and their next step is the TEMPLE to be seal FOREVER!!!! The gospel is such and incredibly beautiful thing and really, REALLY changes lives. 
I don´t have more time, but I challenge everyone to LIVE the gospel. Learn to understand it and follow the commandments. Your life will change! It´s in the small things. :)

I love you all!!!!!!!

Hermana SMoot

ps sending pics next week!!

I asked Ally some questions: 
How is your companionship? How are your living conditions? Do you have what you need? 
How is the language going Ally?  Does your comp speak english? Do you just speak Spanish all the time now ?

How are the fleas? Did you end up getting flea colars or what is working? How is that oil from avon?

Did you get some recipes? Let me know of regular veggies, meat and fruit that you have access to and we can come up and find more recipes for you. 

My companion is the most amazing human ever. She doesn´t know english...more or less...and yes i´ve been speaking spanihs for a solid 3 months. (baptism by fire).

Fleas actually aren´t a problem anymore. and the avon oil totally work. People say it´s worse in the summer (now is summer...it´s opposite...but I think I´m fine.

It´s hard to say. Meat is expensive, but sometimes I buy it. I eat a lot of oatmeal. Eggs, rice. What I really want is excersices that I can understand and i can do in 15 to 20 minutes.  I love you so much.

Also, MY PACKAGE CAME!. bUT I´m not going to open it until christmas. I love you. Any recipes and Ideas for easy quick meals would be great. The thing from ashley was amazing. I love you so flipping much!!!!!!!

*****SO IF ANY OF YOU NICE PEOPLE OUT THERE HAVE ANY WORKOUTS AND/OR EASY MEAL RECIPES OR IDEAS ALLY IS ASKING FOR THEM. Just email her! She is able to print them or takes pictures of them. xoxoxo

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  1. My daughter, Hermana Harvey, is now companions with Hermana Smoot! I'm so excited to read Hermana Smoot's emails on here so I can get MORE of the stories! :) Madison has a blog too if you want to read it. Her blog address is http://hermanaharvey.blogspot.com .