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Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Monday, November 24, 2014

Week # 17 (Nov. 24 2014) Ser un Misionero

Ah! La Mision. Ther really are no words to describe what is a missino. And what one feels during a day, during an hour, during a minute. It´s sheer joy, a moment of pure power from the spirit, intense stress, fear and disappointment. And all the while you go and go and go and you´re tired and wet and yet...happy. Ridiculously happy. THis week I have learned so much and with all the stress has come good. it always does. When we go through something difficult and use he lord to overcome it, we become incredibly close to God and are so blessed for everything that happens. There is always a purpose!

This week is the second to last week of my training which means that I had to take the lead with all the planning, and teaching for the whole week. Which means that if I didn´t say anything about the gospel or relate their lives to the gospel, we don´t teach. And may I just say, that the people here talk a lot. A LOT. Like getting a word in edgewise is nigh impossible. Let alone about the gospel. But I´m learning day by day. And through added stress I really have been able to humble myself and become closer to my Heavenly father. And rely on the atonement of Jesus Christ to help me do everything. I know that I am nothing without the Lord, but WITH him, I can be a powerful instrument.

Hno Guillermo had his baptismal interview this week!!! We were really nervous that he wasn´t going to make the date because he has been working a ton and we could only see him once last week. So we gave him all the commandment pamphlets so that our lesson could be shorter and so he could understand before we taught. We didn´t know if he would read all them or understand well enought to be ready but we just prayed that the lord´s will would be done. When we saw him, it turned out that he had stayed up til about 2am reading and studying the pamphlets with the extra scriptures in the back and understood, REALLY understood the doctrine. We wanted to cry with joy. His baptism is this sunday and we are so excited for him. Change is real! Miracles are REAL!

Also, really quickly, the spirit of Elijah and family history is real. There has been a huge focus on it in our mission and we have been trying to use it more. All I can say is when there are people that aren´t progressing or aren´t interested, Family history is like wild fire spirituality. It´s amazing. Also, word of advice for anyone preparing to serve a mission: Learn how to do family history well enough to teach it. :) But I know that Family history is JUST as important and regular missionary work. We are helping people enter the KINGDOM OF GOD. What? DO it. 

I love you all so much. SO MUCH. And I pray every day that you can put your trust in heavenly father to live your lives with joy. Thank you for all your support. Read, Pray and Go to church! :) It´s the small and simple things that change lives. 

muchísimo amor,
Hermana Smoot 

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