Hermana Smoot

Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Monday, December 15, 2014

Week # 19 (December 8, 2014) Trio time!

New Companions-A TRIO! 
Hna Harvey ( from California)  
Hna Breton (from Dominica Republic)

Hello my dear loved ones!!!

There is never enough time to say everything that has happened ESPECIALLY this week. But in short I have new companions!!!!! WOOOT. And we are a lovely little trio. There aren´t enough hermanas in the mission this cambio, so we are 3 now. The sector of Hna Harvey (the hermana from the CCM that was training at the same time and was in the other sector next to ours) and Hna Breton from Dominican Republic are my new comps and our sectors COMBINED. So now we have a GIANT area and millions of investigadores and people to find. At first it was very very difficult. Not going to lie. After Hna Figuerdo left (tears of sadness) I was basically given responsiblity to remember all the people we have to teach and where everyone lives and what I have to do and......responsibitlies... And I was scared and I´m still a really new missionary. Even though I´ve been her for a while. But through all of it, and a lot of prayer we have been able to do it. And I know that when we humble ourselves, the lord will help us. He is there to help us progress and learn through our trials. We just have to trust him. 
But apart from the added stress, I´m having WAY too much fun. Having three people is so much fun. We just laugh and talk and enjoy ourselves too much. And for example, last night we had singing lessons and I sang one of my old musical theatre songs for them. And the Hermana Harvey said "I wanna Act!" So we burst out in "a few of my favorite things" from sound of music. And it was absolutely hilarious. We are also working super hard as well. Hna Breton is a DOER. But a doer with a smile on her face and the intention to enjoy her time. So we are having fun and talking to every person we can find and doing the work of the lord and it is beautiful. So en fin, I just want to say that even when there is so much to do, and when we feel like we can´t do it, PRAY and the lord will lighten our burdens. And then enjoy your life. We only get one and it is ¨that we might have joy¨ 

You are all so beautiful and lovely and I love all of you SO MUCH: 

Que estén MUY bien. xoxox

Hna Smoot

Baptism de Guillermo from last week!!! He is amazing! Next step temple with ALL the fam.
This one just shows his happy face better. With our papita. Hno Leon. 
Volcan Osorno. We went with all the missionaries!!

Be jealous.

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