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Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Monday, December 29, 2014

Week #22 ( Dec 29, 2014) Lots of fun pictures i found on sister Harveys blog!

Hello world!  

How is everyone? I hope  that everyone just had the most amazing christmas  ever! It was an incredible opportunity to be a missionary  on christmas. I missed home a little, but it was so nice just to focus on love and the atonement of our savior jesus Christ. Becuase HE is christmas. 
For christmas  we celebrated it with a family in the ward. They have a big dinner in the night with turkey (that was half frozen....then they had to microwave it...but that´s a story for another day haha.) And then after we  left, they  opened all their  presents after midnight.  On christmas morning we got to open our gifts that we  had from people in the ward and each other and also the  AMAZING package from mom. Thank you so much. Seriously. And we had  to stay in our  house for two days. And I realized that time passes a lot faster when you are working hard. :)
It was so amazing to  talk to you guys this week. You  are all so incredibly supportive and loving. I can´t thank you enough for everything you do for me. It´s amazing to know that I have such a  great support backing  meup.

If there is one thing that I  learned...again...this week it is that of humility. And that really  nothing is possible without it. I think I was feeling a little too confident in my ablities to teach or something and I wasn´t relying on the lord. And we tried to teach and I couldn´t feel the spirit and it was a time of frustration. But I  realized that heavenly father was giving me a little nudge and giving me an opportnity  to learn. I know that I am nothing  without the lord, but with  the lord we can be incredible and "boast of our god." I love this work so much. And there are days that are incredibly hard and your companion steps on your  glasses and you just feel like crying...but looking back, we learn so much. And  with faith  in the lord, all of the little things aren´t important. And we can do everything with Him.

Thank you again so much for everything. there  are not enough thank yous to say for  everything you have done. I wish you all love and happiness in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Happy new year. And happy anniversary yesterday mom and dad!!

Love, Hermana Smoot
P.S. Yes my glasses broke......is there a possibility that you could send new ones? We´ll have to figure that one out. 

PS I  just love   you all. 

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