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Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Week # 21 ( Dec 22, 2014) Merry Christmas/FELIZ NAVIDAD y MAs Felicidad.

Ok. I´m just so happy right now. 

This week was crazy and so incredibly lovely. I just love the mission. And christmas in the mission is actually really lovely. And everyone tries to make is special. For example, we had an activity with 2 other zones and the president and his wife. We ate together an put on skits and then we all went to this big plaza in downtown puerto montt and SANG christmas songs. (And they let me sings a solo/duet and it felt way to good to be in front of a microphone. way too good.) But really. Christmas is so amazing and we have been still been singing for everyone and their dogs to bring te spirit. At doors and on the street and for all! 

But there are things in the mission, aside all that is beautiful, that are so incredibly hard that your heart just feels like it´s going to explode.
Names have been changed.
This week I learned so much of the grace an mercy an love of our savior Jesus Christ. The other day we went to the Lopez house.  We were always excited to teach this family, especially the father, Javier.  When we went in, he wasn´t there and when we asked his family they told us that he had been drinking. I honestly couldn´t believe it. And I thought it was a joke. But it was true. And at the end of our lesson with them, Javier came down the stairs, a little bit drunk still, with tears in his eyes and the deepest remorse in his face. When we left I was heartbroken. He is baptized and he already stopped drinking. He was always our hope. The person who we could count on to do his reading and to come to church. Someone with a testimony. Someone who changed. How could this happen. But I was studying the next morning the talk that Elder Packer gave on the Hope of christ this conference. And I realized that everything I new about starting over and clean slates applied more than ever. The power and hope of the atonement of jesus christ stretche beyond all  bounds of comprehension. He can start over. Even if he has already changed and been forgiven. We all make mistakes and no matter how big the fall, we always more forward and upward with the light of christ. 
I know with all my heart that this church is true. And the our savior directs it. I hope that this christmas we can not only remember that perfect quiet baby in bethlehem, but that we can remember the savior and redeemer who suffered for each one of us so that we can live a life of happeness. Free of guilt and pain. And eventually return to our father through him.
I love  you ALL!! Merry Christmas.

Love Ally

PS we are going to have christmas with a family in the ward. And here it´s the night before that is huge. Where they eat and open all the gifts at midnight

PPS I gave my first talk and spanish! Woohoo. That was interesting. But good overall. Also, english is really hard now. 
Feliz Navidad! del Trio. Hna Bretòn, Hna Harvey y Hna Smoot!

Also, fed a goose. It was great.

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  1. I love seeing a "bonus picture" of Hna. Harvey! Thank you! There's another one of Hna. Smoot on my daughter's blog... http://hermanaharvey.blogspot.com/2014/12/week-21.html