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Hermana Smoot
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Monday, January 5, 2015

Week # 23 (Jan. 5, 2015) A story of LOVE and Zoila and CAT PEE

"La vida es tan bella"  -Hermana Breton (Life is so beautiful)

Also, it rained a lot. This super attractive rain look (skirt, jacket boots all rain proof) SWIll be hug in the states soon. I know it. :)

And.....before it was actually cooked. Over a giant grill. Rotissarie style 

This is food in Chile! Our happy new year barbeque!

Hello lovely humans that I love so very much!

This week has been lovely and short and full of everything. (As per usual) There have been so many opportunities to teach and so many people setting goals and doing good things to start the new year. And it´s been incredible to share the spirit during this time. (Dad you were right.) And even though we walked SO MUCH this week, and my body is dying at the end of each day, it was still beautiful and we learned and taught a lot. But to sum it all up, I want to tell a story:
Once upon a time, we were visiting Hermana Zoila. She is from Ecuador and is hilariously crazy and always wears giant flowers in her hair and socks with high heels. She is FULL of life and is wonderful. Zoila is also a hoarder and loves cats. Her house is small and smells like cats and has a lot of boxes and souvenirs and pictures of her life. We all sat down and during our lesson, I looked over and saw that the cat had pooped right there on the floor. And it smelled even better. And then after teaching and feeling the spirit I stood up and felt slightly wet. Hermana Harvey then lovingly informed me that I had sat in cat pee and my whole skirt was wet. What happy news. And so I went the entire day with cat pee on my skirt. But later as I was thinking about the whole experience, I realized how different my attitude would have been before the mission. Because although it was really gross, I really didn´t mind. Before knowing Zoila, going into her house would have been a nightmare, let alone the cat stuff. But in that moment, I realized the incredible power of love. I love hermana Zoila. She is hilarious and beautiful and she has a testimony and a desire to learn. And when you love a person, everything different or weird or gross or interesting about them just melts away, and you see them as Christ and our heavenly father sees us. Beautiful children of God that are on this pathway to perfection along with everyone else!

I want to challenge you all to try to love. Love people the way that god loves us. Because that love is something that stretches beyond all bounds. And as we love other people we can see the love of God in our own lives, and stop thinking about all the problems that we have. 
The gospel is SO true. Keep studying praying and LIVING what you learn. And progressing with love on this crazy pathway of life. 

I love you all!!!

Hermana Smoot

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