Hermana Smoot

Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Week # 24 (Jan. 12, 2015) Cambios, pukies, Life is beautiful!

New Companion: Hermana Bryce Mclary (from Highland/Alpine and Lone Peak, and Vegas)
Area: Puerto Montt-same place
Hello everyone!

I just want to say that I love you all so much. This week was slightly different than others....due to the fact that all three of us in the lovely tri got sick. On different days. Hermana harvey couldn´t walk very well and so we went to a foot doctor to make sure she was ok. Then that night, I felt super sick and ended up puking a lot and recuperating part of the next afternoon. I got a blessing from our ward mission leader and it was really beautiful. Then the day after, Hermana Bretón felt super dizzy and had a really bad headache. So we spent a little bit more time in the house than normal. BUt, thanks to our loving heavenly father, we have all recuperated and are back on our feet working our hearts out.
The president called us this morning and told us that we have CAMBIOS. Hna Bretón is going to be a sister training leader in Osorno, Hna Harvey is going to Punta Arenas (the end of the world) And litter old sister Smoot is staying here, with the two sectors that were put together and a house that fits SIX. And Hna Mclary (Bryce Mclary) from UTAH from LONE PEAK is my companion!!! I don´t acutally know her personally, but we have a lot of mutual friends and I´m really excited to start this transfer. 
There are always a lot of nerves and stress and a lot of things to do, but I know that with the lord really anything is possible. Like it says in Ether 12, the lord shows us our weaknesses so that we can be humble, and when we are humble thos weaknesses can be made strenghts. This is basically the theme of my mission as I have seen so many weaknesses that I didn´t even knew I had. But as we humble ourselves and rely on HIM, we see miracles that we didn´t know were possible. I love you all so much and encourage you all to trust in the lord. And love the life your heavenly father gave you. Becuase it´s beautiful!!

Que disfruten su semana. Les Amo TANTO!
(Enjoy your week. I love you SO MUCH!)

Hermana Smoot

This picture is really horrible, but it´s funny. And I just want to say that I tried playing an accordian. And it´s a lot harder than it looks....

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