Hermana Smoot

Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Monday, November 10, 2014

Week # 15 ( Nov. 11) Bienvenido a Casa!!!!!

Hola Family!

Welcome home my dearest sister shelly!!!! My body is dying from the Joy in my heart looking at all of the pictures of you guys together. SO weird and so beautiful. Uh. Our family is beautiful. :)

This week was lovely and full and wonderful and missions are the best. I had a whole bunch of firsts as well. My first exchange with the Sister leaders in my own sector was a little crazy. I had to lead the whole day and know where all of the streets were and which collectivos to take and who to call. Names and streets are really difficult when it´s not in your language, by the way. (We have a street named Lullaillaco. Ya.) But with a little prayer on the bathroom floor for strenght and guidance, everything was ok. I just tried to enjoy every moment and not worry to much. Becuase what happens, happens, and our lives are to be enjoyed. :)

I also had my first Zone conference and it was the best. First of all, I COULD TOTALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT WAS GOING ON. WhaT? que linda. Thank heavens my mission president is from Mexico and not from chile. He speaks 700 times slower. But really, I am seeing the gift of tongues every day in my life---with patience and humility and obedience, everything is possible.  I also met Hna. Meacham, the girl mom met at the mall. She´s totally in my Zone. So weird. But I tried to talk in english to her and my words were all jumbled and my brain couldn´t change. It was so weird. But really exciting at the same time. I also recieved a lot of answers and comfort from the words of our leaders and I am ready to go! God is real! 

I know with all of my being that God exists and he wants us to be the best we can be to enjoy our lives and return to him. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to spread hope and joy EVERY DAY. Uh. the mission is the best. And even though it´s hard sometimes...a lot of times....we can be strengthened through the lord and his atonement. Keep pressing forward in everything that you are doing. Keep praying and doing all you can do. And also family, learn from Ashley, she is just a fountain of knowledge and joy righ now. :) Ug. I am just so happy right now.
I pray for you everyday! 

Much Love, 
Hermana Smoot

This is Hermana Maria. She´s an old hilarious lady who we visit just to sing to her and talk to her and chop her wood. And all i´m saying is that through service, you come to love people. She makes my day every time we go. 

This just shows her personality more. :)

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