Hermana Smoot

Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Week # 16 (Nov. 27, 2014) La Humilda

Hola Familia!!!! 

Holy Cow esta semana. This week. Was crazy and beautiful and just, well, a mission. :) But the HIGHLIGHT of this week/my mission/my life was that we had a special conferenct with ELDER NELSON. What!? It was the most amazing experience to be in the same chapel as an apostle. We all got to meet him and his wife as well. The spirit in the room was so thick and full while he and his beautiful wife spoke. (in english, I might add!) The main theme that I understood, was that of time. He and his wife spoke a lot about never wasting a second while we are here. Never waste a moment to save a soul because we have such a limited time here and it is going to be gone before we realize. (For example I´ve been on a mission for almost 4 months) What happened to the time? He also spoke of enjoying it. Enjoying each second, whether it is a moment of sadness, heartache and fatigue or a moment of sheer joy. Enjoy time and find the beautiful things in our mission and in life. Sufrir con Gozo (Suffer with joy.) But overall it was absolutely amazing and my testimony of Prophets and Apostles and modern revelation is so strong right now. 

We have two investigators, Marcella y Heriberto who are just fabulous. We found Heri one day out in his yard and as we talked to him we found out his companion was a member! So now we are teaching Heriberto along with his less active pareja (pare...girlfriend?) And they want to get married so that Heri can get baptized!!! We had a fairly hilarious lesson with them about marriage and about the date of their wedding. Heri was SET on april 29 2015 at 9am(ya....specific) But Marcella wanted to do it sooner and basically they hadn´t really talked about it. So we invited them to pray together about a sooner day so that Heriberto can get baptized. They also came to church this week, after we searched everywhere for clothes to give to Marcella becuase she didn´t want to return to chruch without proper attire. I was able to sing during sacrament meeting with another Elder who is ridiculously talented and is going to study music (um, cool) and As we sang, Hermana Marcella was sobbing in the back. AH! Que bonita! It´s amazing that we can use our talents to touch the lives of others. They felt the spirit and they are progressing and it´s beautiful!!

I just know I am supposed to be here. At times I am scared and I don´t understand exactly what is happening and what I need to do. And I feel overwhelmed and nervous. But as I really try to humble myself before the Lord and give my entire life to him, I will become and intsrument in his hands. And I don´t need to worry, becuase Heavenly Father knows exactly what I need to do. And I will find strength in and follow him.

I challenge you all to enjoy your beautiful lives, the good and the bad and to trust in the lord that you can do all things through him. The church is SO true. And we are incredibly blessed to have it in our lives. 

MUCH love,
Hermana Smoot

Volcanos in chile. It is too beautiful here in the spring.

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