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Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

week # 10 ( Oct. 6, 2014) Angel the Atheist/fleas/conference

Hola Familia,

First of all, SORRY ASHLEY! I didn´t realize that hadn´t been sending my letters to you. I love you so much and pray for you every night! You are totally my example and if I can be half the missionary that you have been, I will be set for life. :) You are beautiful.

This week was another week of work, trying to understand/speak spanish, and this wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ. I really love living the life of a missionary. It´s really hard at times and sometimes/all the time I just want to take a nap and watch a Disney movie and eat peanut butter, BUT I absolutely love that my life is so in line with Christ´s life. And all my thoughts lead to gospel and I get the chance to love so many people and do so many wonderful things. And LEARN so much. Ugh. This is the best.

First of all, funny story: We were walking down the street and stopped to talk to a child of god that chose to dress slightly differently/emo and his black hair covered his eyes and all that jazz. We asked him about his relijeous beliefs and he said "No hay Dios" or "There is no god." We tried to talk to him about the fact that there is a god and he loves you! But he just kind of smiled like we were idiots. Woot. But the funny part, though is that his name is ANGEL. I really wanted to ask him if he had any idea what his name meant. Oh. Good times.

Also, another FUN fact. Pulgas. Fleas. They are a thing. And that thing is biting me in the night. But mother, no se preocupe. Don´t worry. I am fine and living and they aren´t very bad and I´m using the Avon oil and all that Jazz. We had intercambios...over exchanges (sorry..don´t know missionary terms in english) But I stayed in overnight at our sister training leader´s house and her bed had fleas. So I may have brought them back. But they really aren´t super bad. They are just more present in the warmer weather that is starting to appear. But it´s just the mission life!

Conference was this weekend! As you all should know. What an incredible opportunity. Conference is the best people. If you didn´t watch, GO DO IT RIGHT NOW. DON¨T EVEN FINISH THIS LETTER. If you did, good job. Now go do it again. Until april conference. :) I was really hoping and praying that I would be able to watch conference in English but it turned out that there isn´t enough internet power in the chapel and we couldn´t connect 2 computers. And it was only me and sister Harvey (the other newbie) that wanted english. So it didn´t happen. We did get to watch saturday afternoon at a member´s house, but the rest were in spanish at the chapel. And I´m not going to lie, I was mad. I wanted to shake someone and tell them "Do you realize how important this is to me as a missionary!! You don´t understand!!" So I sulked through the first session on sunday morning. But it´s never good to be angry and we can always learn something from hard experiences and anger and difficulty. I realized how selfish I was being and how ridiculous my anger was. I was in a comfortable chapel on a mission with members who were gaining valuable spiritual experiences. And I can speak a little spanish. I can still learn. So the spirit softened my heart and I just decided to pray for the ability to understand for the second session. And guess what? Prayer is real. What? I didn´t understand everything, and I was still struggling to translate and internalize, but I still learned and felt the power of the prophets. People, this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ. We are so blessed to have modern day prophets. The more we focus on others and try to be like our savior the more we learn and the more we ENJOY our lives. And that is the purpose of our lives. To have joy. :) So learn from your trials and setbacks, put your faith in the lord and love life. Because it is a blessing and you have the knowledge of this gospel!! 
I love you all and pray for you! Have a beautiful day!

Hermana Smoot

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