Hermana Smoot

Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Week # 12 (Oct. 20, 2014)

Mi primero paquete!! GRACIAS (also, it took a little over a month and a half for future reference)

Mi primero paquete!! GRACIAS (also, it took a little over a month and a half for future reference)

Hola mi familia!!

Como estan?!! I love you all very much. Just to let you know. Also. HOLY COW THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE. AAAAAAHHHHHHHH. It came and I was jumping up and down becuase chocolate and green smoothies. My inner battle between healthy food and my weakness for sweets: me in a nut shell.....my mother knows me too well.

This week was so fast. I´m done with my first cambio? What happened. It has been beautiful and I hope that I can enjoy all of them as much as I have enjoyed the first. 
In fabulous news: We are having a baptism this sunday! Our investigador Nico is 11 years old and we´ve taught him all the discussion and he had his interview in saturday and is ready to go! Even with just 11 years, we have been able to see such a change in his life and in the home of his family. He reads his scriptures and prays every day and just has a desire to be good. It´s amazing to see a change in a family through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Speaking of the miracle of change and the atonement, Hermano Guillermo (the one who had the drinking problem and relapsed)  and his family are Amazing. Miracles people. We went to their house last night and he was so excited to learn and understand. He even said that his brothers and sisters were teasing him for wanting to join the church and thinking he could change, and he stood his ground and testified of this church. WHAT? His wife said that they could really see the change in their home. All of them are working toward one purpose and trying to believe that their father can do this. The feeling is literally indescribable. To be able to see the miracle of the atonement in such a personal way is incredible. Change is real and very possible through the atonement of Jesus Christ!!!

I love this work. I am so grateful for this life that we have. Honestly, we are so lucky. If you ever feel sad, look around you and realize how many blessings you have. Because honestly family, you guys are ridiculously blessed. Like, ridiculously. Be grateful and give to others. This life is beautiful and we can do anything with the power of God!!
I love you all so much. Continue onward. Seguir adelante. :)

Hermana Smoot

 1.Hermana Figueredo...I just love her. (And don´t want her to leave this cambio. We´re crossing our fingers!)
 2.We went on a walk. Just take that view in people. UG. it´s too beautiful here.

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