Hermana Smoot

Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Monday, September 29, 2014

week # 9 (sept. 28, 2014)

Ally is serving in Puerto Montt.
Her companion is Hna Figuereda from Argentina.

Hola loved ones!

How is everyone in all your various places? This week has been lovely and hard and actually quite short. My 2 month mark on my mission is tomorrow. What? What happened with the time? I have no idea. I really need to soak up every day because I´m going to be home before I even realize!

Fun things about this week before I talk spiritual: 
First of all, we do not have any more wood for our stove...and we won´t be getting any until next week. So....it´s basically the same tempurature inside and out. So I´m cold all the time, but it´s fine. Bienvenida a la mision! (As my comp so graciously says when I complain about being hungry/cold/tired) 
Also, we did a service project for one of our Less Actives and offered to clean her yard. She had, in the most literal sense possible, let her yard go to the dogs. There was foam matress that had been torn up and spread EVERYWHERE and tons of trash and did I mention dog hair? Everywhere. Lovely. Oh also, we got to use plastic grocery sacks for gloves. It was SO fun. Basically I´m prepared to do anything now. 

With the work, I am slowly beginning to participate more and understand more. I´ve had a couple of my own contacts too! I started up a conversation with a worker at the grocery store and he ended up coming to church this week. We had 5 whole investigators at church this week!! And it was extra special becuase I was able to give a special musical number and sing for the ward. I am so grateful that God gave me the talent to sing. Music has such a power and brings the spirit so strongly. It was amazing to be able to bear my testimony that way to our investigators. 

With the improvemtn, there are definitely moments during the day and during lessons, where I get so frustrated becuase I can´t understand anything and therefore can´t participate, but I have a feeling that those feelings are going to come throughout my entire mission an my entire life. So I´m learning to do a few things to deal with it. 1. Look for the miracles in every day. Especially on the REALLY bad days. Write them down and realize that God totally has is hand in everything. 2. Have patience with yourself and realize that at times, the things that we want take time work, but if we bear all things with patience and turn to god in times of need, all things are possible. And 3. Take ACTION! When I feel grumpy or just talked to an Athiest named paul who doesn´t belief in anything and shut us down hard core, Sing a happy hymn. Change your attitude. Realize there are more opportunities, more doors opening and more chances to start again and be better. We can always rely on our heavenly father and the atonement of Jesus Christ. Siempre!!

I love you all so very much and I can´t even tell you, family, how much I appreciate your support. I pray that you can all turn to God in ANY time of need. Have an absolutely beautiful day. :)

Much Love,
Hermana Smoot

Didn´t take any pictures this week....lo siento...I know it´s a sin. But here are a few that I wanted to send last week. 

This is the activity in with the ward in El Campo. They had a zipline.(Is that what it´s called in english?

This is the familia cardenas. The dad is Guillermo the one that we spent the 18th with and that has the baptismal date. They are fabulous.

This is the activity with the ward in El Campo. They had a zipline.(Is that what it´s called in english?)
This is the familia cardenas. The dad is Guillermo the one that we spent the 18th with and that has the baptismal date. They are fabulous.

This is our group from the MTC. someone just sent it to me.

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