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Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Week #75 ( Jan.4, 2016) Happy New Year! Run Forest Run!

Hello beloved family and other humans

HAPPY NEW YEAR: yay Goals and stuff.

Time is both slowing down and speeding up. But this week was a good one. First the funny: So here in chile (and in the world) people like to drink for new years. And a lot. So after having our 20 minute new years eve party in our house we went to bed and the four woke up bright and early to go running on the lovely lake coast. Only to find SEVERAL people still up, still drunk and still celebrating the new year...it was hilarious. Everyone we passed said "wow....que deportistas" how athletic. Then the best of all were i´m guessing some tourists that yelled "RUN forest RUN" I cracked up and had to explain it to the other hermanas. It was a good time. 

Thanks to the obvious partying, the day was slightly difficult with respct to finding people that were awake and ready to change there lives. It was hot and i was tired and not really excited to contact and continue knocking doors. So we kept plugging along for a few hours. Then we rested. And said a prayer. Just aksing for the desire to want to keep walking....we climbed another hill, a few other people rejected us. And then we decided to stop a young man with long hair and an anime t-shirt and headphones. Becuase what are we going to lose. He politely struck up a conversation and had a lot of questions. His name is Sebastion. But he likes Seba. And he is agnostic and doesn´t believe a lot. But we ended up talking for about and hour in the street and setting up another appointment. We both went away with SO much gratitude in our hearts. For the hue miracle of just letting us talk to someone. Heavenly father really loves us. 

This fast sunday I was contemplating a lot about what to fast for. There are so many things that we need and things that i ask for every day. But i just decided to do a gratitude fast. Just fast to say thank you. For all the miracles that i´ve seen in my whole life and on my mission and every hour of every day. And i realized that they are MANY. And the keep coming. I hope that i can continue to have an attitude of gratitude during this whole month. It helps to focus us in the things that really matter most. 
In other cool news, the FAMILIA SANTANA came to visit me on sunday. Marcelo actually grew up here and he found some old school mates in our ward. It was really cool. AND SO SPECIAL. It made me so so grateful. They had a baby. They both have callings. And they are planning to be sealed in August when the ward goes to the temple. UG. I just feel unworthy to have been able to see so much of their progress in the gospel. They are amazing. 
I love this gospel so much. Some days are long and some days are hard, but as we just remember him, every day can be full of joy and miracles. :)
I LOVE YOU ALL. And wish you the happiest new year!

Hermana Smoot

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