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Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Week#73 (Dec. 21, 2015) (learning Portuguese and strikes

Companion: Hna Mota
City: Pta Varas

Oi como vao voces?

Yes, I´m learning portuguese. I´m going to come home TRILINGUAL. WHAT. I´m so cool. Ok, so I only know how to say like 4 things. But our house is now a chilean and two brazilans and the weird blonde girls over here. :) But my companion is awesome. Her name is Hna Mota and she is 24, a convert, the only member in her family (the gospel hasn´t even gotten to where her family lives in brazil. She met the missionaries when she was studying) WHAT. She is so awesome. She is a super hard worker and loves life, fried food and missionary work. I just feel really blessed. This week was actually really funny becuase we had a slight complication with all the missionaries going home. Chile is really funny and they like to go on strike for everything. Literally. And so the airports decided to go on strike and none of the missionaries from the US could go home....It was quite shocking actually but we learned a lot about not counting the losses and just having an attitude of gratitude. So we were in a power team super trio for a couple days. Hna Wyatt left on saturday though so we´ve just been the power team duo this weekend. :)
I really have been learning so much this week. It´s a holiday season and really there isn´t much difference. Like i don´t feel the normal christmas spirit where i just want to bake and make pretty christmas gifts...but i do feel the spirit of christ. It´s actually been really cool how heavenly father has helped me stay focused on him and the missionary purpose. Together we just want to baptize everyone even more than before. :) So, even though we have hardly had any set appointments this week, we have doné SO many contacts and are determined to have a baptism. 
It´s hard to say everything that i´ve learned in so little time. And all the things that we do. Just know that i know christ lives. I know that he make it possible to be truly happy in this life. That there are second chances and new beginnings. We just have to take them. I love you all so much. I´m so grateful for the love and  the christmas wishes. I hope that you can all take a moment amidst the bustle and business of christmas to remember him all all he has done for you. Have a beautiful christmas week :)

Hermana Smoot

PS Sorry I havençt sent fotos. My card isn´t working....boo. I will send lots next week. .:)

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