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Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Sunday, January 3, 2016

week # 74 ( Dec. 28, 2015) Miracles

There were so many lovely miracles that happened this week and I just want to name a few:
1. We had an awesome christmas open house at our church this week and we were madly handing out invitacions to everyone and their dog. (kidding, there isn´t enough paper in the world for all the dogs....) But, even though there weren´t a ton of members there, we pulled it all together with our awesome mission leader and a TON of investigators came. Marcela, who we are teaching and wants to get baptized (and is waiting on a divorce case to get married) and her daughters. and THREE people who just came to see who the mormons were. :) This really funny lady was really glad at the end that her doubts had been cleared up. Apparently her preacher told her we didn´t believe in christ. It´s funny that that still happens... :) So success! Hopefully there will be more great activities to come. 
2. My christmas we really cool. We woke up and did weekly planning. Then we decided to do some service and go to an old folks home. A lot of them haven´t had visits from there family in a while so it was really neat to be able to lift their spirits a little and be their foreign family for christmas. It was really beautiful. The streets were pretty dead, but we decided to go to the downtown area and ended up finding (miracles) two people that had entered the church before and were willing to learn more. Cool. Then we talked to th family (LOVE you guys so much) At this point I was pretty exhausted from all the emotions and walking. But we still had ten minutes left of the day. So even though we didn´t want to and my head was throbbing, we went out to try and do something before the day ended. There was one teenage boy walking with his headphones in and as we offered him a passalong card, he said that he was athiest and wasn´t interested. But he talked to us anyway and we ended up setting up another appointment with him. It was the coolest tender mercy ever. We ended that day well, totally thrashed, but satisfied that we at least tried to give the day to Him. 
3. Sunday was also AWESOME. I realized that I wasn´t really enjoying the sabbath day for a long time. Because of all the stress with the investigators and the members and everything. So i really tried to enjoy it and i felt like i saw so many miracle. A big one was GUILLERMO y ROCIO cardenas came to see me (and give me something to send...) They are from the family that got baptized and i thought he was totally lost and inactive. The one with the drinking problem. I´m not sure if he is totally active. But he stayed there and took the sacrament and there is still hope. When i saw them i totally started crying. It´s been almost a year. GOZO. I really enjoyed the sacrament. Got a lot out of relief society. My favorite 90 year old grandpa wanted me to sit by him and gave me a little candy. So cute. It was just a good day. It´s incredible how we just have to choose to be happy and it´s like seeing a whole new world. Sometimes that choice is really hard. And sometimes i don´t even want to make it. Or i have to pray to want to pray for help. But I´m learning every day, little by little, how to see the good in the world and keep progressing.
One thing i do know is that my savior lives and that heavenly father loves us SO much. And wants the best for us. He really does want us to be happy. I love the book of mormon and know it´s true.  I´m so grateful for all of you and all you do for Him. Choose to have a beautiful week. :)

Hermana Smoot

Marcelas family. the mom has come to church twice now.

All four of us ate a christmas eve dinner with this family. They are great and have a daughter in argentina. We at so much....

Hermana Mota and I! She is beautiful.

Me and this crazy old lady. We went to an old folks home to sing with the primary as a service activity. This old lady kept yelling at everyone. It was hilarious. :)

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