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Hermana Smoot
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Monday, October 26, 2015

Week # 65 (Oct. 26, 2015) Superlatively lovely

Superlatively lovely
We had lunch with this crazy boy and he put on his dad´s nametag. Future missionary!!

it was warm enough to not wear TIGHTS. you don´t understand the freedom that i felt.

We went to the most beautiful farmhouse with hermana Patricia. She is hilarious. Also, we. ate. so. much. food. They do like their cooking.

WIND! I seriously love my companion so much. She is the best.

They say that when something happens three times it´s means it´s a superlative or the most that it could be (big, better, BEST) and our three miracles on wednesday pretty much made for one of the best days of the mission. 
1. We had a lesson with a (VERY) stubborn less active that said, upon entering her house, that she didn´t want us to come anymore. She just was tired and didn´t want to try anymore. I don´t know why, but i felt that really something we could say would change her mind...and that scared me more because THAts a lot of pressure. But i just prayed super hard that we could say something to touch her heart. And i can´t really remember the exact words that we said, but suddenly after my companion´s powerful testimony, she said softly, "ya. i need to go to church....I´m going to go to church." I almost had a heart attack. WHAT. But then she said. but not this week....next week. Just to be stubborn haha. But i was amazed at the power of the spirit.
2. A father of two let us into his house and is really searching for the truth and had so many questions. He wanted to come to church yester day but went out of town. But we really feel good about him. 
3. The biggest of all this week: We had lunch with a family that has an inactive son. They are MORE than active in the church but his son just got lost. He came and ate with us and up until that moment we didn´t know very much about him. We were joking about how he can speak english very well and didn´t really want to show it. But then suddenly he just started talking and, as he was shaking, told us everything that he was going through. He poured out his trials and weaknesses. His problems with drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sexual orientation and the fact that he just wanted to be happy, but felt like his heart was just shattered. As he talked, my mind was racing about how in the world I was supposed to help someone like that. But we just listened and i prayed SO hard to just give him some comfort. And I´m acutally not really sure what we said, but we spoke directly from the spirit and cried and bore testimony of the power of the atonement and that the only real happiness comes from that power of repentance and the relief of our burdens. As we were talking, suddenly my companion said, ¨do you want to fast?" And i was like, "what? this kid doesn´t even pray, how is he going to fast?" But then we explained it and he said yes. And right there we started a fast together. When we went back the next day, not everything changed, but there was definitely a different light on his face. And i really think that was so crucial in this path the he is now on. Yesterday we challenged him to pray every day, and even though he was reluctant, he is willing to try. I just pray he can make it and be healed. I know the atonement is more powerful that ANY sin or problem that we have. Grandpa Smoot explained it to me one time that it´s like being in a hole. And some of our holes are a lot deeper than others. So deep that we can´t even see the light at the top. But if we can even jump just an inch. A centimeter. Excersise our faith just a little and trust him, he will pull us out. Always.  

I know that christ lives. I know that´s one of the main reasons i am here. So that people can feel the love of god and the redemptive and rescuing power of the atonement. There are still hard days. Actually most of the days this week were really hard. But heavenly father does that on purpose and everything will be for our profit and learning. We just need to trust, look for the light, and move forward with faith. :)

I love all of you so much. Thank you for all the support!!! I really can´t tell you how lucky I am to have a family like you.  HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY LILLY. She is so big. Can´t wait to see all the pics of her pinterest birthday. hahaha. :) 

Hermana Smoot

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