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Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Monday, October 26, 2015

Week # 63 ( Oct. 12, 2015) Caminar mas que Mormón

There is a saying here in southern chile when someone walks a ton and is super tired. "we walked more than the mormans" :) That saying was validated this week. We finally left this week after my lovely case of bronchitis and becuase we hadn´t left for a while, we didn´t really have any appointments. Also, our sector is SO big. So, we walked. And walked and walked. Literally, on saturday we did not enter one house and were walking from 11 to 9:30. Minus lunch. We almost died. BUT the day was super super pretty. And we were able to find a few people. And bond through hardships as companions. haha. 
The work is going well here in Pto Varas. We got a little sneak peek of summer these past few days and it was So pretty. (photos will follow) Marianela is doing OK, and is progessing slowly but surely. She said that after her daughter went to conference with her she said "Mommy, i´m a mormon" or "yo soy mormona" she´s five and has a little lisp so it was adorable. She really wants to progress but just has to stop smoking. We are doing everything we can to help her so now it´s just in her hands. I know she can make it. 
We also had a super cool contanct/lesson with a inactive soccer coach thanks to my awesome sporty companion. We found him washing his car and he had a shirt on that said "coach" so we started talking about soccer and he is a professional trainer that has lived in the United states for five years. English plus soccer plus the spirit and my comp was on a ball. Seriously it was one of the coolest lessons ever. My comp totally compared the gospel to all the rigor of sports and that it´s really in our hands to follow the commandments and heavenly father is yelling on the sidelines cheering us on and knows exactly what we need. and When we follow it, we are always better off. It was my miracle of the day. I really think he is going to progress. 
Life is great and I´m honestly just trying to enjoy it. There are ups and downs and upside downs, but the work goes forth and I am his instrument.
I hope that your week is full of tender mercies and that you enjoy it. :)

I love you!!

Hermana Smoot

Yes i totally took that picture. And yes almost all that you see is our sector....apart from the volcano.....

veggies for district meeting.

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