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Monday, March 30, 2015

Week #35 (Mar. 30, 2015) Happy Easter everyone! photos - Vicente´s baptism.

Vicente´s  baptism!

Hello lovely family!

Happy easter this sunday! This is an incredible time for the missionaries to take advantage of the holidays centered in Jesus Christ. HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN THE VIDEO? Gracias a que El vive. Or because he lives. We have been showing it to everyone and there dog (literally...there are like a lot of dogs here) and if you didn´t know, on Easter sunday, the church is taking over youtube and everyone that sees a video is going to watch a 15 second version of the video. Go watch it. I´ve seen it a million and a half times. And I get chills every time. And it works. We showed it to one of our investigators and she started crying and told us that it was exactly what she needed to here and know. That there really is a savior that lives. He not only died for us, he LIVES for us. And is here for us in every moment of our lives. Go watch it and share it on facebook. Go change some lives. :)

This week was slightly long, but I learned a lot. It´s interesting how many emotions we go through every day and every week, and you guys see about .1% of what is actually happening. :) But it´s ok. The mission is incredible and I´me grateful for difficult times and hard days becuase after resolving it and talking and praying really hard, we learn so much. God gives us hard things so that we can come closer to him and learn. :) And it actually brought a tender mercy. We were talking to Hno Marcelo Santana about how I felt during our lunch with them, and HE was the one giving US spiritual advice. And he gave me a little card with scripture on it about trusting in the lord. And it really touched my heart. I feel so incredibly grateful to have been a part of this process with them. 

We had the baptism of Vicente yesterday. It was so incredible and his dad was able to bless that sacrament that day and baptize is son. His parents bore their testimonies and were talking about the temple and how that was their goal now. And they are going to get there. Their spirits are incredible. 

We are working with two more people specifically this week that are progressing a ton. One of them is Daniela (the one that started crying during the video) And Pamela who came to church last sunday! They are incredible and Pamela read 5 or 6 chapters of teh BOM in less than 2 days. BUT, there is a catch......Neither of them are married. SO, lots of work to do and lots of prayer. But hey, at least I can help plan a wedding of somebody....even if it´s not my sister :) jaja

I love you all so much. You are all so incredible. Go watch and share the video.
I know that the savior lives and loves us. Thank you for all your support and love. HAVE A BEAUTIFUL EASTER. :) 

 Note from Kendra- 
Marcelo (in their ward) sent these to me via email.  Yesterday's Easter Activity! Thanks Marcelo- I't so nice to get fotos!


Just a picture of basically EVERY HOUSE HERE: They are all the same. Not necesarily this house, but for streets and streets just the same house, different color. YA. But it´s ok. I´m in a really rich area.

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