Hermana Smoot

Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Monday, March 9, 2015

Week #32 (March 9, 2015) Tiempo pasa muy rapido.

Weeks are flying by and the mission is crazy and sometimes I just want to collapse because I´m so tired. But all is well and miracles are happening. We have been finding a lot of new people this week and have been trying to figure out who is really prepared and going to progress in the gospel. I´m at that point where I understand all the basics of missionary work and can do a lot more. We are just trying to think of new ideas and new ways to hasten the work. 

We had another family night with the Familia Santana so that their son Vicente could get to know more kids in primary. And he finally went on sunday! (he´s been going to gospel principles with his dad this whole time) And he even wore a white shirt and tie! It was adorable. 

It´s seriously so incredible to be able to be apart of this family´s conversion. They are progressing so fast and the spirit is so strong when we are with them. They were finally confirmed on sunday (we had a stake conference and they had to wait) and I almost wanted to cry. Marcelo bore his testimony as well during testimony meeting about all the basics of the gospel and how important the scriptures are. And they paid their tithing the first day they could! Im honestly just overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity to help them and be starting this path with them. God really does prepare the hearts of his children. 

I love you all so much. The gospel really is true. The book of mormon is the word of god and the answers to all of our questions and doubts can be found the the scriptures. so READ THEM. Know that christ died for each of us individually. Heavenly father loves us and wants us to succeed. Take advantage of everything that he has given us to help us progress in this incredible path of life.


Herman Smoot

I really hope this is ok with sister McClary to add her letters in as well. It's just amazing to hear both perspectives of the same week. She is an amazing missionary and i have grown to love her too just through her spiritual letters and love her fun personality. I can tell she and Ally have a great thing going! 
Here is a photo of holes in their tights from walking so much! 
This is funny Ally and Bryce's tights

Well this week Hermana Smoot and I  played volleyball in skirts! haha. It was super fun. We have a "soccer activity" every Friday night. But us sisters are not allowed to play so we always just sit on the side lines and watch our investigators play. But this week we all played volleyball. It was super funny. I forget how short these Chileans are sometimes. I AM A GIANT! But we all played and it was so good to be with the family Santana-Reyes. The parents Marcelo and Karina were confirmed yesterday! It was AMAZING! I love being able to see the joy the gospel really has given them! 
Fasting really does help with the mission work. So we have been praying to find more families! Our area is FULL with families so we have been praying to find the ones that are prepared to hear our message. So yesterday was Fast Sunday here since we had Stake Conference the other week. We started our fast and we have been praying to find these families right? Well yesterday right after we had an appt with a new couple. Their names are Marta and Benjamin. They are THE CUTEST COUPLE! Seriously, they got married a year ago and now they are both studying and looking forward for more "peace." They don't know exactly what the want but I can tell you THEY NEED THE GOSPEL!! I cannot tell you how much I prayed for Hermana Smoot in that lesson. I prayed for the spirit so much. I have no idea what I even said in that lesson but I know that it was not me! It was the spirit. I am so grateful for the spirit!! I know that when we fast we really do see miracles in our lives! 
We also found another family yesterday that have been through lots! The mom has had 2 of her children pass away! It was so sad to hear about that but I shared Alma 7:11-12 about the ATONEMENT. I love this gospel because literally every principle can be applied to our lives. They are super humbled people that really are looking for help. I feel really honored to be able to meet them and to even be an instrument in the Lord's hand. 
We have walked so much this week. My body is ready to DIE! All my tights have holes in them. Hermana Smoot and I took some great pictures of our feet. haha. Good memories! But it is SO worth it because this gospel really does change lives!!!
Best part is that Karina Santana is going to come with us to an appt!! I CANNOT tell you how happy I am to be able to go teach another investigator with our new convert!!! I feel so much LOVE for that family! :) :) :) 

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