Hermana Smoot

Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Monday, April 6, 2015

Week #36 (April 6, 2015) So many things! Leaving Puerto Montt! after 8 months in one spot!

My lovely missionary roomies!
The open house. We made little flags and felt so official. :)

Easter Activity. ( with the ZLs in our ward)
SO many things happened this week I have no idea where to start. But first of all I´M LEAVING PUERTO MONTT!  I know. It´s hard for everyone to believe. :) But yes. I´m am going to Puerto Varas, which is a grand 20 minutes from puerto montt and is actually where Marcelo Santana is from. So hopefully we will all be able to meet up one p-day. I´m going to miss their family so much. Actually I´m going to miss everything so much. Including the lovely hermana McClary.She is the best. (At least we´ll see each other after the mission) But I´m really really excited to have new doors to knock new people to meet a new ward to love and change. It´s hard, but really really good.

Also, for the chruch easter video we had a church open house on tuesday to show some exhibits and the video at the end. The sisters started out contacting everyone (According to elder nelson, the sisters are missionary work´s secret weapon) So we again talked to everyone and their dog to get them to come into the church. :) And we saw miracles. After a while we went inside to show the video and there was a girl there named angela. it was just her and us in the chapel. She moved up to see the TV better and then before we could even push play she told us that she had felt something so different here. Something that she had never felt before but the she really really liked. And she wanted to know how she could join. LIke, join the church. I couldn´t really believe it. But we talked to her and told her that this really was the truth and how amazing it was that she could feel it so quickly. She doesn´t live in our area, but it was amazing to see the power of the spirit affect someone so strongly. THE CHURCH IS TRUE PEOPLE!

Also, we had our easter activity. Which was really fun and a lot more stressing than I thought it would be. BUT, it all turned out after making about 100 mini cupcakes and decorating and inviting the whole world. We are hoping that the ward starts having more activities, because it doesn´t really happen a whole lot here. But DANIELA came and really enjoyed herself and met a lot of the members. Including her neighbors which we´ve been trying to make happen for weeks now. Miracles really do happen with lots of prayer and work. :)

Lets talk about conference! Wow. I´m serious conference is the best thing ever. Especially when the santana family lets you watch two whole sessions in ENGLISH. It was the best thing ever. On sunday we watched both in spanish but Daniela AND her boyfriend Julio came!! They really liked it and on tuesday we are going to have a lesson on chastity so that they can get baptized. It was absolutely amazing because we haven´t been able to find Julio becuase he works a ton. But we found them sunday morning in their house and the two of them came in the afternoon. It was such a miracle. 
 I really have a testmony of the prophets. They really teach us what we need TODAY. And I was able to recieve a lot a answers to a lot of questions. I challenge you all to watch or rewatch the sessions and really look for revelation. It´s there but you have to put in a little effort as well. I love this gospel. Things aren´t always perfect and I am so far from it. SO far. But that is the beauty of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We put in our effort, (Always falling short.) And his grace is always sufficient to lift us up. I love you all and wish you the VERY best week. 

All my love,
Hermana Smoot

This is Hermana Zoila (cat lady) She´s missing the giant pink flower in her hair.

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