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Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Monday, April 27, 2015

Week #39 (Apr. 27) A slightly erruptive week... Volcano eruption!

Hello world!

This week was just horribly boring.....knocking doors, talking to people, more door knocking, volcano calbuco errupted, more talking to people. 
Oh, that´s right, A volcano errupted! Ok, sorry for the (bad) humor. i know that you guys are freaking out with the lack of information. But just know that we are actually totally fine. We were in a lesson with a less active when she looked out the window and said "THE VOLCANO IS ERRUPTING!" And we all ran outside and started taking pictures. Then the sister started flipping out becuase her husband was in is farm a lot closer to the Volcano. Then our district and zone leaders called us frantically saying "go to the church! go to the church! right now!" So we said a prayer to calm down the hermana that we were with and booked it to the chapel. We met the elders there and watched the progress of the volcano and took pictures. 

This was in the nigh with the sunset. Obviously freaking out. :)
Meanwhile our bishops and stakepresidents were calling presidente obeso and we were just kind of waiting, wondering what woud happen. That night we all got the news that we would be staying in member´s homes. So our bishop came and picked us up and we went to a member´s house to stay the night. The next morning a lot of the ash had already blown over to Argentina and everything had alread died down. We spent the day visiting the members and giving service and making sure that everyone is ok. The only thing that really got hit was all of the farms in Ensenada, an area a lot closer to the Volcano. It´s far away, but in our ward and there were some very less active members who were affected. A whole bunch of volcanic rock/sand just filled everything up. It´s like being snowed in, but with 3 feet of sand and rocks. But we´ve actually seen a lot of miracles. The elders we able to go and serve the family and they came to the church on sunday. And are staying next door. But what´s really neat is that there are so many people now who are really thinking about god and about the things that matter most. And the fact that nobody died and they all have their family member´s there. We were just a little scared, but everything is fine. And it´s been a really great conversation starter as well. :) 
I hope that everything is going well with all of you. The church is so true. I´m so grateful for the opportunity I have to bear my testimony every day of the truthfullness. And each time i do, my testimony strengthens that much more. I wish you all well and hope that there are no natural distasters that come your way. :) but remember that everything happens for a reason. God is in charge!
I love you all so much!
Have a wonderful week!

Hermana Smoot!


This was in the nigh with the sunset. Obviously freaking out. :)

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