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Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Monday, April 13, 2015

Week # 37 ( April 13,2015) I have officially moved to Puerto Varas-So lovely!


New Companion:  Mi compy. Hermana Ralph (from Florida, Hawaii and Utah (now) :)

Hello lovelys!

What. A. Week. Seriously last week was general conference. What happened. 

I have officially moved to Puerto Varas, which is one of the loveliest most touristy towns of the mission. (google it, it´s gorgeous) And I love it. 

We live behind some members who have a little tiny home in their backyard. And it´s super adorable. And clean with running water, mom. Ok, so sometimes we don´t have hot water.....and there´s no oven. But it´s still adorable. My area is pretty big and a lot poorer than my other. With more drunk men at night....and in the day. But don´t worry, we follow the spirit and avoid certain parts in the night :) But my ward is incredible. They are all really enthusiastic about the work and the bishop and ward mission leader are really dedicated. (we are going to see miracles) 
We live next to a family..the HUGE Cortes family. Mom, it´s like if the whole Woolf family lived in one ward. They make up half of it. But they own a fruit farmers market and WE GET FREE FRUITS AND VEGETABLE WHENEVER WE WANT!!  It´s literally like a dream come true. I´m basically living the dream here in the mission. My companion is super awesome and likes to work hard is slightly timid, but only around people we don´t know, and really adorable. We´ve been having a lot of fun knocking doors in the rain. There are TONS of less actives here and a lot of our work is dedicated to them. There aren´t a ton of progressing investigators....yet. :) That´s what we are working towards. So if you all want to pray for the Colon ward and that we can find people and families that are prepared, feel free. We are praying and fasting a ton to find them. And obviously working our little tails off knocking on doors and talking to whoever will listen. 

We are working specifically towards helping reactivate Sofia,  vicente´s mom. She wants her son to be baptized but she´s not totally active. And he can´t get baptized without an active parent. So we are working toward helping her get active and get a calling. But we are already seeing miracles. OF what i heard, she used to be really stand-offish and anti-church. But she came and stayed all 3 hours and participated and is making friend with ward members and wants to have family nights with people. And it´s super awesome. And I can feel more miracles coming.
I love you all SO MUCH. i hope everything goes well this week and that Kenna isn´t too sunburned from her cousin cruise. (so jealous. SO) 
Heavenly father is watching out for each and every one  of us. Just trust him and study his scriptures and pray to him. He will be there. Have a beautiful day and god bless you!

Hermana Smoot

We went to Volan Calbuco

This is from our open house at the church in Pichi Pelluco.

Our apartment is adorable Love it- Its a tiny kitchen, bathroom and room with 2 beds. but adorable ;)

 I Found the fattest bear dog. We´re both strugglin (Ally is totally hilarious here! I can just hear her voice as she is saying it)

Gorgeous rain gear. Just...gorgeous. 

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