Hermana Smoot

Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Week # 27 (Jan 2, 2015) Life is Beautiful!

Hello Grand World!

I feel like weeks just keep passing and passing and everything is going by way to fast. If I could sleep more, I would seriously want to be missionary forever.
I feel like I´m learning so much every day. I have been able to feel the spirit more and more as I really have to rely on it every minute of every day. Even if it´s just an impression to knock on a door and we find awesome super prepared people. Or if it´s just to answer people´s questions during a lesson, or bear testimony of the truth when someone needs to hear it. It´s just amazing to be able to be so close to the spirit. 

We are teaching the Santana family (family night last week) And they are just fabulous. We had Zone Conference this week and again learned a ton about working with members and we are seeing a a huge difference when we do it. This family has a ton of support from the ward now and we are planning on another family night with the bishop (MIRACLE) The father of the family this week, as we talked about the law of chastity, had a lot of questions about Joseph smith and polygamy. And after a lot of discussion, we came to the conclusion that he needed to know with certainty if the book of mormon is true. So we are in the process. But they really are so prepared and we are just trying to help them understand the atonement and help them progres toward real conversion.
I know that the book of mormon is true. Like with Marcelo, all of us have questions and doubts. Even if you are a  faithful, amazing human being. Even if you are a missionary and it´s your life. The doubts come, but I know that they can be resolved through the book of mormon and prayer to know that its true. Read it and ask, even if you already have, and your testimony of all things will grow. 
This church is true and I love you all so much. Keep going and keep enjoying the life that god gave you. Because it´s BEAUTIFUL!

Hermana Smoot
Sister McClary and I ordered Pizza because we didn't have a dinner appointment. We miss USA pizza! 

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