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Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Week # 28 (Feb. 9, 2015) Lots of photos-Beautiful Metri beach...

Hello lovely family and loved ones alike,

This is the beach in Metri. 

Missionary work is the best. This week was full of progress here in our area. There are so many things to do and I am learning more and more to accept that we are putting forth our effort that I´m not perfect and have lots of weaknesses. 
Our golden Family has been progressing a TON this week. We had a family night with the bishop, which was basically the coolest thing ever. And they were talking and talking and we left without them. We also had a last minute soccer activity for their son becuase he loves futbal. 

And they went to church on Sunday and were talking to all of the members and almost everyone knows them and I was almost crying with Joy. It´s amazing when we really work hard with the members to make missionary work happen. Because it´s impossible without them. So go and do missionary work people!  The dad, Marcelo still has his doubts and hasn´t really received a sure answer, but he is on the way. Pray for him that he can open his heart a little more and that the fear of change can be replaced with faith and peace.

We also met a person of a religion that I don´t want to point out the other day....but not the respectful kind. The kind that stops you in the street and tries to prove that everything you believe is false and asks you questions about where the Garden of eden is and what was the shape of Noah´s ark and in which chapters of the bible it is. But WE don´t know becuase we study the book of mormon. And yes, by the way, those facts are improtant for our salvation. I asked. BUT even though I was a little discouraged after, I know it´s part of the work and what Joseph smith said is true. "persecutions may rage, mobs may combine, columny may defame, but the truth of god will GO FORTH..." Oh the joys of missionary work.

Miracles are real and this is the work of the lord. I am so grateful to be able to experience this. To be able to change and improve and love so fully. I hope that you all stay true to what you know. And if you have a doubt remember what Elder anderson said: "why does the lord allow evil speaking to chase after the good? One reason is that opposition against the things of good sends seekers of truth to their knees for answer"
Heavenly father answers our prayers, the church is true and I love you all!!!!

All my love,
Hermana Smoot

Sister McClary and Sister Smoot
(They are having such a great companionship right now) 
Beautiful trees in port Montt
Soccer Activity. Us girls on the sideline. (susan, karina-the mom of our golden family- Hna McClary and Me)

Note from Kendra--This photo was taken by a Dante Gabriel Roig a member missionary who was visiting this member family , who in 1986-88 served his mission here and baptized this family! Here is Hna Smoot and Hna McClary teaching in their home i assume. He sent this to my email!

Here is his note:

"Hi, I was a missionary in Osorno since 1986-88 I'm visiting my converts here with my Family. 
We atended to Pichi Pilluco ward yesterday where your dougther sung a beatifull himn
Then we shared a big lunch with Valderas's Family who I baptisted during my Mission
We moved to Villarrica today, my wife took a video of your dougther , when we have a good conextion we will send you.
Have a nice day" 
Enviado desde mi iPhone

                                                           As a mom I can't wait to hear that hymn!! 

Ok-This is Peyton Moss (2nd one in) Brother and Sister Garnder in our home ward is out with him in NY NY north mission and they sent this to me and he says HI to ALLY!!

NOTE from MOM:
Ally's companion is so darling Hna Bryce McClary. She writes the sweetest things about Ally in her letters and since she has a blog too i stole a few things off of it to share on Ally's blog because they are comments about her and photos!!

Here is a tid bit more detail of this week from Hna McClary!

I love being a missionary!!
This week was good, we had lots of opportunities to serve! It is summer here so there are lots of people preparing for WINTER.Everyone is buying wood for the winter months so we have to help load lots of wood and help members put their wood in their sheds. It is very interesting how people live on wood here. haha. I have gained lots of muscle in my arms from hauling wood...and it is just the beginning! But I really love giving service. 
WE also helped Hermana Santana-Reyes with her wood creations she makes. She is very talented. We painted these wooden boards and then she fed us lunch. I LOVE getting to know our investigators and reallying seeing how the gospel really has changed them! 
We had a soccer activity this week and it was amazing! The family Santana-Reyes came and Susan came too. It is easier to get people to come play soccer than it is to get people to come to CHURCH! hahaha. But it was great! The bishop came too and we all had a great time. It was a great way for the families to feel more comfortable in the ward. I love it! 
Also in Relief Society yesterday Hermana Karina Santana was so much more comfortable with the sisters she was offering to say the prayer! Everyone introduced themselves to her and it was good because she was able to really meet all the sisters. I love this ward! 
Hermana Smoot and I started to think of 2 things that we did good in the day and 1 thing that we can change each day. It is awesome because we are really trying just everyday to become better! I love her so much. I know that I say that every week but she is truly the best! 
I don't have much time today because we are headed to the beach today! WE have a member that has a house on the beach and we are going to hangout with them for a couple of hours. Puerto Montt is INCREDIBLE!!! I love you all.
Happy Valentine's Day this week! Remember that Jesus Christ died for our sins and for our faults...that was the true action of LOVE. 
The family Santana-Reyes are going to be baptized this month! I cannot wait!! 

Hermana McClary
I cant wait to meet sister McClary!! 

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