Hermana Smoot

Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Week # 30 ( Feb. 23, 2015) Que bella es la vida.

Companion: Hermana Bryce McClary
Place: Puerto Montt
Beach en metri

Hello dearest loved ones!

This week was absolutely crazy and probably the most beautiful of any week of my mission so far. First of all, Hna McClary and I are STAYING in Puerto Montt together for these cambios. That means that I will have 5 transfers here and will complete 8 months of the mission in one area. Wow. It´s actually really amazing becuase I know everyone and how to get everywhere and Pto Montt is basically my home now. And also, Hna McClary is the best, obviously. So basically this mission is just amazing and I love it. Still nice and hard...but just beautiful.

Marcelo and Karina got baptized!!! It´s incredible and still can´t believe it. They are really an example of how the lord prepares his children to recieve the gospel. We found Marcelo with his son riding bikes in the street only 3 months ago and now the are members of the church and ready to endure to the end.

During the baptism they were able to bear their testismoies of their experience and Marcelo talked about his goal of going to the temple so that he can live with his family for eternity. And Karina, whose spirit just radiates joy and beauty, started to cry as she talked of her change that really started about 2 years ago. And she knew that God had put the missionaries in her path and that this really was the true church. I was so touched to be able to see their immense growth and realize how much the spirit really works in people. And I realized too that we as missionaries hardly do anything at all with respect to their conversion. We try to be obedient and teach the doctrine and do what we can, but the spirit converts people. They are an amazing family and my heart is so full of gratitude to have been able to help them in the process. And really their journey has just begun. 

I love this work. All of us have such a key role in helping with missionary work. Pray for experiences to find people...or to help those that might be a little lost. I love you all so much. I know that this chruch is true. I know that the doctrine of Jesus Christ changes lives for the better. I love this gospel and am so grateful to be here experiencing all the ups and downs of missionary work. Thank you for all your support!!!

Hermana Smoot

PS Mother! I got your package and about died. THANK YOU SO MUCH. It was like pinterest gorgeous X12 plus peanut butter. LOVE. And thank you sisters for the letters. ;) (Kenna....flumpy....about died)

Mas del bautismo!

El bautismo!

Volcan Calbuco!

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