Hermana Smoot

Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Week # 42 ( May 18, 2015) SO long, farewell; Transfers!

New Area: San Pablo
New Companion: Hermana Meacham
(note from mom) While Ally was in the MTC in Mexico I was getting her some hair product for her and met sister Meacham and her mom! We talked for a while when i deixcovered she was going to the SAME mission in Chile. They are only one transfer different and we both said how cool it would be if they were ever comps-AND now they are! amazing. 

Well, that was the shortest six weeks of my life.
This transfer has come and gone and I feel like a barely know everyone here and I´m already leaving. I´ve been assinged to san pablo, a little tiny farm town in La Union. Which is just north of Osorno. And I will be with Hermana Meacham! (The girl that mom met in the mall. She´s from lehi i think) How cool is that? Although I am really sad to leave this ward, and the lovely Pto. Varas, change is good and I´m excited for alll that my new area brings.  

This week was lovely as always. I got sick on tuesday with a really bad a fever and I was in bed all day. But I healed quickly and we were out again the next day. Now that I only half of this experience I´ve had sort of a reality check and I´m really realizing all of the things that I still need to learn and do. I  really want to be a missionary that just gives her all, all the time. And I´m not really sure I´m there yet. It´s a little easier to say what you want to be, but to actually do it is a process that I´m trying to figure out. But meanwhile, we just keep working. :) 

This week we were knocking doors at night in the rain, and we saw a cow skull nail to a post on someone´s porch. And i said, why not? So we knocked, and who appeared? Juan Luis. He is a metal guitar player, pagan, black belt in taikwando (spelling?) and has a newborn baby. He believes in aliens and likes learning. So we were able to explain to him who really is Jesus Christ and his restoration. I´m not sure if he will really progress, or if we will ever be able to find him again, but It´s really amazing to meet so many of gods children and be able to testify to them of thier purpose here. And that they have a savior. 

Ana maria, who has the baptism date is still listening and still interested, though her progress is slow.This week we went to her house without an appt becuase it had fallen through when i was sick. And she was tired and had so much to do, but let us in anyway. With much persistence, she finally accepted our help to do a few chores. And after we were able to read the book of mormon with her. She really liked it and  thought it was very clear and inspiring. We are hoping and praying that she can find the time to read and pray. I´m going to miss her. She is hilarious. :) 

I wish all of you the very best this week. God is here and lives and so does his son. This plan is perfect. Keep going and enduring to the end. LOVE YOU ALL!!

Hermana Smoot

ps send me letters. ;)

IT RAINED so much this week. We didn´t bring umbrellas one day and we were soaking. This was taken right before going inside at night. We were just laughing it was so ridiculous.

We got permission to watch Brother Bear in spanish with the other hermanas today. Best day ever!

 Las hermanas

Todos goofy

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