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Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Week # 5 (Sept 4, 2014)

Hello Everyone!

So once upon a time I only have 6 days left in the MTC! What? I can't believe it. I never thought I would say I was going to miss this place, but I totally am. It has been such an incredible opportunity to learn so much every day and become a better missionary, but more importantly a more converted disciple of Christ. Amazing. 

The days continue to mesh together and fly by. But there were a few funny things worth mentioning. Our power went out this week (just as my roommate got out of the shower. haha) and it was completely dark. So we had to use our alarm clocks to try and get ready for bed/find a flashlight. My crazy roommate from oregon (also going to chile) decided it would be hilarious to go and scare the other girls in the room across the hall. And it was. I don't think I've heard screams that loud in a long time. So we had a good laugh, and I got to shower in the dark. Good times.

On sunday we were in a big empty room so I could practice my song that I'm singing in devotional next sunday. (I'm going to have sister Jones-friends with alan and marcie- send it to you mom, so no worries) 
The windows in the class room are always open and when we went in, we saw a bird that had flown in and couldn't figure out which windows were open and which weren't. So we watched it not knowing what to do and then it flew across to the other side of the room.As we were about to leave and find another room, it flew straight into the window hit the glass with a thunk and fell down on the ground. And I don't know why, but I started flipping out because I thought this bird had just died in front of me and I was all traumatized for some reason.  It was weird. A new side of Ally came out that day folks. Apparently I'm a bird lover. But no worries. It got up and finally flew out. The bird is alive. ;) And my comp got a good laugh at me.

But on to more spiritual things, I'm going to be in Chile in six days. SIX DAYS. I'm going to be doing real missionary work, speaking horrible spanish and saving souls in less than a week. Ah. I have so many emotions that all mesh together. First there is nervousness and fear: I can't speak Spanish let alone teach people and It's going to be so tiring and I'm going to get a disobedient companion who doesn't speak english and gets frustrated with me all the time...etc..etc....the list goes on and on. Then I take a step back and remember what I've been taught and how the lord didn't send me out here to fail. Of course I can't do it. But the lord can. And if I willingly give me entire life to be an instrument in his hands then of course I can do it. this is our heavenly father we're talking about. Plus, I am so excited to get to know and love so many children of god who live at the bottom of the beautiful earth. I am just so grateful for the opportunity to use the gospel to help so many people. It's absolutely amazing. 

Family, I am so proud of all you are doing. I love that you are having diligent scripture study. There are indescribable and an innumerable amount of blessing that come from the book of mormon. Treasure it like the treasure it is. 

I love you all and pray for all of your needs every night. You are beautiful and wonderful and I miss you dearly! Hasta luego!

Hermana Smoot

PS. THANK YOU FOR THE VEGGIES AGAIN. And i have literally been craving granola bars this entire time. You guys are the best. EVER.

Also, I actually leave the MTC monday night, so I will be able to write all of you again on Saturday. So feel free to write before then. :) I know it's only in a couple days. 

LOVE YOU xoxox
Our favorite sisters who left this week! Just hanging on p-day. :)

Just a night in the life of a missionary at the CCM. We LOVE our roommates they are hilarious and make a great end to the day. They are going to Rancagua Chile

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