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Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Week # 2 (Aug.13, 2014) Prayers, Plagues...and Mexico City

Querido Familia,

Once upon a time/this week in the CCM everyone got the plague/the stomach flu. So. Fun. Right? This friday I started feeling really sick and really nauseous and that night I puked a lot and had the runs. The next day we went to our little infirmary and I got permission to stay home and sleep. So that day was SUPER productive. Saturday night I felt much better and we decided to go to our night  class. But when we went, we found out that our district leader had strep and our teacher got in an accident. Apparently accident down't mean in a car for el mexicanos, though. We just came to find out that he was robbed and mugged and stabbed in the face. So, welcome to Mexico City everyone. He is actually doing fine and should be back in a few days. But I am still grateful for the massive concrete and barbed-wire wall that surrounds the CCM.

Anyway, less exciting/scary things. Spanish is still hard, and I still have the same frustrations with teaching, but we are trying and it's coming. With all the spanish, I do appreciate english so much more and I just want to read good literature and poetry all the time. Isaiah for the win. :) 
We study Spanish in the morning and then have BOM study right after and reading it in english seriously feels like a big cold glass of water after fast sunday. Which is wonderful because I appreciate the BoM so much more. 

Apart from the Spanish induced stress, I am learning loads about the gospel and it's amazing how many spiritual experiences I have in a day. I feel the spirit so much easier and so much more frequently as a missionary. It's wonderful to go to a fireside and even if the speaker doesn't know english and is reading his written-out talk, you still feel the incredible power of god in the room. Also, as a side note, I am ridiculously excited fro conference. Like, more than christmas. Like, more than our friend from "Christmas Story" wants a red-rider BB gun. SO. EXCITED

We studied 3 Nephi 11 this week and although my pages are colorful and worn from stdyings it's contents, it was a beautiful reminder of how much love Christ has for us. I've never felt His love and the comfort that he knows all of my pain, doubt and discouragement more than I do now. Those reminders are ALWAYS needed. Never think that you've had one to many lessons on faith! :) Also, the last verse of that chapter says something along the lines of "preach my gospel to the ends of the earth." My comp and I had a nice laugh about that because Osorno is LITERALLY at the end of the earth. Good time. 

As a last thought, we watched a devotional on Sunday that Bednar gave on Christmas a while ago at the Provo MTC about the Character of Christ. It absolutely changed my life. I don't know if you can find it, but watch it or read it ASAP. It was about our conversion in becoming like Christ and turning outward when we want to turn in and think about yourself. I have never felt so empowered to change.

I challenge all of you to learn something new about the gospel this week. Read your book of mormon a little longer with a little more yearning for understanding. This gospel of jesus christ is wonderful and we can learn so much. I love you all so much. Thank you for your support as I embark on this journey. I know this church is true and that our savior understands us and wants to help us. He is ALWAYS there. No matter what. Remember him, because he is always mindful of you. Have a beautiful week!!

Much love,

Hermana Smoot


Um...so jealous of fiddler on the roof. I miss musicals so much. I know it's been two weeks. Calm down.

Megan is a beautiful dancer and also thank you for the video and all the pictures. SEND MORE. it's so fun for me.

THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!! oh my goodness it was wonderful. Made my life. It got here on tuesday so I'm pretty sure it's fast. Feel free to send more of that. I doubt there is, but if there is anything healthy on that website....go for it. The food is good here but not necessarily good for you. My comp does make fun of me for eating a salad and fruit at every single meal though. I really just want your grilled chicken and brown rice mom. and green smoothies.

Dear elder is really fun to get. Although, I believe it comes once a week. But I love it. So feel free to do that. :) Thank you BECKY and G-PA THOMAS for sending me one. It totally made my day. And it was so sweet and thoughtful of you. *pass that on would ya?

I love you all!!!! You guys are the best. xoxo. 
ALso, don't worry about sending long emails or anything. We take pictures of them and then read them at home so we don't take up our hour. :)

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