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Hermana Smoot
Hermana Smoot

Friday, August 22, 2014

Week #3 (August 20, 2014) Halfway at the CCM!

Hola Familia!!

Guess what? Today officially marks my three week mark! Woot. So exciting. The days are goin by much faster and I'm beginnin ot really fall in love with the CCM. It's really such an incredible opportunity to be learning 100% of the time while being away from all distractions. I will definitely be sad when it ends. But also ridiculously excited to take all that I have learned and share it with everyone!

Even though some days are hard, there are so many tender mercies that the lord gives me every day. Laughter is defintiely one of them. We have some really funny Elders in our district and a really funny roommate and a really good laugh can seriously make my day one million times brighter. Also, laughing at all of the ridicolous mistakes we make all the time really helps. :)

Spanish is getting much better and there are days when I feel really good...until I talk to a latino and i realize I have absolutely no idea what they said to me. So that's fun. Just one more slice of hyumble pie for the missionary. De. Lish. A lot of times in the past few weeks when I got frustrated while teaching a lesson, I would wish, 'if only i could speak english, this would be infinitely easier.' But I got some nice insight on turning that negativity around. Sunday night is movie night, and we were able to watch the Joseph smith restoration video.(BEST) But there is a part where Emma asks joseph, 'Do you ever think that god asks too much?"and He says, "I do not let myself." I decided I wouldn't let myslef think that way whenever I wish this experience would be easier. I am so grateful for all of the things I am learning and the incredible things that I will gain through this experience, even during the hard times. 

On sunday Hna. Wadsworth and I were called as the sister training leaders for our Zone. The sisters before us said it was not going to be very difficult, basically just a glorified visiting teacher, making sure all the girls were loved and whatnot. So we were not expecting much. But two new girls came in this week and we found out it wasn't all that easy. :) Basically the two completely clash and I'm not sure they understand completely how much you have to compromise in a companionship. Which is understandable...it's hard and they have only been here for less than a week. But we've had to offer a lot of help and have been a little bit of a middle man. And it's hard to find out what is really best for them. But I know that we have to be guided by the spirit just as in any leadership position. And even with all the drama, it has given Hna. W and I lots of blessings. We have become so much closer together and the  whole experience made us WAY closer together and  made us appreciate each others'totally-avoid-conflict-easy-going personalitys way more. So it's really a blessing in disguise. 

Our lessons are going much better. 2 Imparticular stood out this week. One, was a mock 5 minute lesson with another Elder, but it felt so amazing. I felt like was really helping, that I could say what I needed to say in spanish and that I was doing it right. Another lovely tender mercy. :) The other was with our teacher/investigator (the one who was jumped...also, we found out he wasn't actually stabbed, just punched and his glasses cut/got into his eye. But still) He is the most amazing human ever. So humble, helpful and FULL of the spirit. His investigator profile is actually his brother who has a LOT of problems in his life and the several sets of missionaries he has had before, were not helpful becuase he could never feel the spirit. So during our lesson we  were really focusing on faith and prayer and how you feel the spirit. But after we were pretty much done and had used all of the best scriptures, he still asked, "but how?" We sat there in silence for a moment not sure what to do, all the while I was  silently praying to be led by the spirit. And then a thought popped into my head to pray with him. So we asked him to say a prayer with us. Right then and there and wait for a few moments after and TRY to feel something. So we did and  after we got up he said he felt something. It was different that what everyone described, but it was something. It was just amazing to be able to act on the promptings of the spirit so quickly and to have a lesson that felt so real. It made me feel so good about my spanish and teaching. Amazing.

Thank you so much for all the support and love. We got to go to the mexico city temple visitor center (pictures to follow) which was absolutely wonderful. Also, I got to see mexico.....crazy stuff... But we watched that eternal families video which, aside from making me really homesick, make me realize how grateful I am for all of you and how amazing my family is. I love you so much and I'm so grateful for all of your influence in my life. This is the true church, the gospel really does bless families and the Savior lives!! Have a beautiful week!

Hermana Smoot

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